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jimmy something up

pry something up. See if you can jimmy this window up. Can you jimmy up this window?
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n. the penis. (From the proper name Jimmy or from the name for a short crowbar.) The streaker covered his jimmy and ran across the field.

jimmy cap

n. a condom. (see also jimmy.) You better get a jimmy cap on that.
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References in classic literature ?
If he went with Jimmy, he might at least hope to procure some relief for me.
It is getting late: said Jimmy, who was standing behind the rest.
At last Jimmy pulled Toby out of the crowd, and after calling to a young Typee who was standing by with a young pig in his arms, all three started for the mountains.
As Jimmy led the way along the ridge, Toby observed that the valley of the Happars did not extend near so far inland as that of the Typees.
Now,' said Jimmy, as they hurried on, 'we taboo men have wives in all the bays, and I am going to show you the two I have here.
However, they soon made their appearance, and to tell the truth, welcomed Jimmy quite cordially, as well as Toby, about whom they were very inquisitive.
The Happars put many questions to Jimmy about Toby; and Toby himself looked sharply at them, anxious to recognize the fellow who gave him the wound from which he was still suffering.
All this while the young Typee stuck to Jimmy like his shadow, and though as lively a dog as any of his tribe, he was now as meek as a lamb, never opening his mouth except to eat.
Now my comrade, while seated in the Happar house, began to feel more troubled than ever at leaving me; indeed, so sad did he feel that he talked about going back to the valley, and wanted Jimmy to escort him as far as the mountains.
Jimmy seemed to know them all very well, and stopped for a while, and had a talk about the 'Wee-Wees', as the people of Nukuheva call the Monsieurs.
But Toby insisted upon it, as he now began to think that Jimmy might be a mere mercenary, who would be sure to prove faithless if not well paid.
Before sun-rise the next day, Jimmy and the Typee started in two of the ship's boats, which were manned by tabooed natives.
Suddenly Penfentenyou, Premier of his Colony in all but name, left Jimmy and me, and appeared at the gate.
The next moment Jimmy whirled about, and the passengers saw him land his fist on the face of a running man who was trying to board the car.
I got tired of comin' with Anna and Jimmy every night, so I fixed it with him to call himself O'Sullivan, and brought him along.