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between the jigs and the reels

That which happens among, despite, or because of great confusion, chaos, or disarray; between or because of one thing and another. Primarily heard in Ireland. I was resolved to leave work early that day, but then the boss called a last-minute meeting, the printer stopped working, and I got put on hold with a client for half an hour. So between the jigs and the reels, I ended up leaving an hour late! He drew loans from all over the country, using one to pay off the other. Between the jigs and the reels, he ended up owing more than millions to various banks and investors.
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(one's) jig is up

One's plan or scheme has been discovered and/or thwarted; one's game, trick, or deception is at an end. A variant of the much more common phrase "the jig is up." Your jig is up, Senator Marten! Your tax evasion has been found out, and the police are here to escort you to prison. We were going to play a practical joke on David, but when he noticed our car parked out front, I knew that our jig was up.
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jig (it)

To absent oneself or leave early (from school or work) when one would normally be required to be there; to play truant. Primarily heard in Australia. I was so restless and bored at work that I decided to just jig it after lunch without telling anyone. Hey, Jim and I are planning on jigging from school on Friday, do you want to come with us? That's the last time you jig class, mister! From now on, I'm dropping you to school every morning!
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the jig is up

The plan or scheme has been discovered and/or thwarted; the game, trick, or deception is at an end. The jig is up, Smith! The police found your fingerprints all over the safe. We tried to smuggle a kitten into the house, but when mom saw me carrying a saucer of milk, I knew that the jig was up.
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jig is up

See game is up.
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game is up, the

Also, the jig is up. The trick or deception has been exposed. For example, When they took inventory they realized what was missing, and the game was up for the department head . This expression dates from the mid-1800s and uses up in the sense of "over" or "lost." The variant employs jig in the sense of "trickery," a usage dating from about 1600.
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the jig is up

If the jig is up, someone can no longer do something wrong or illegal because someone has found out about it. They had been taking money from residents, but they knew the jig was up when one of them contacted the police. Compare with the game is up.
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tv. & in. to copulate [with] someone. (Usually objectionable.) She’s claiming they jigged twice.

the jig is up

phr. the game is ended; the scheme has been found out. Okay, you kids. The jig’s up!
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in jig time

Very quickly; rapidly.
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It may be tempting to see this edition as a manual for how we might recreate an authentic jig, but it is not: that would be impractical and impossible if only for two reasons.
There is nothing wrong with the disciplined use of historical imagination, but it is best when this is balanced by a straightforward expression of our lack of knowledge, as it certainly is in the very good section on the music of the jigs towards the end of the book.
The highlights from her jig were her dance steps to Kaanta laga remix and Priyanka Chopra's Desi Girl act from Dostana .
Draw for Sunday's pounds 2,000 Foxsports Ltd Warwickshire Oaks final: 1 Little Jig, 2 Avondale Holly, 3 Droopys Willow, 4 Megannellie (m), 5 Malarney Lane (m), 6 Lily Rules (w)
580,000 [pounds sterling] is being invested by the Upper-Austrian mould and machinery making company in the new jig grinder.
Although in contemporary public discourse the Red River Jig is often primarily associated with Metis peoples, Red River Jig performers (fiddlers and dancers) have historically included and still include people who identify as First Nations, French Canadian, and beyond.
Material declaration content requirements, iNEMI project teams recommended leveraging the JIG for material and substance reporting requirements, including reportable substance lists, reporting thresholds and other reporting requirements.
Mounting the screw onto the jig and tilting it at a 45-degree angle reduces the width and adds height," said Marshall Scott, of Landstar Ligon, in August as he supervised the loading of a screw from U.
THE pounds 8bn super jumbo Airbus project has reachedamilestone with the departure of the first part-completed wing for the giant aircraft from its four storey-high main assembly jig on Deeside.
The stress at the interface between the test piece and the jig is measured using the company's force measuring instrument, the compression stress relaxometer.
The first test for the new system was the inspection of assembly jig, approximately 5m x 3m, with sets of clamps on each side.
Under the GBL system, the outside jigs are replaced with one master jig, which has all of the specialized tooling needed for a given body style, and is lowered through the top of the frame, holding the panels from the inside.
TWO RECURRING THEMES in analyses of Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" are the debate over whether or not Jig will carry her pregnancy to term and the search for biographical experiences that may have inspired and influenced the story.
At 8:45, the first jig strike created chaos as everyone ran for their live-bait rods.