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in a jiffy

Fig. very fast; very soon. Just wait a minute. I'll be there in a jiffy. I'll be finished in a jiffy.
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in a jiff(y)

mod. right away; immediately. (see also jiffy.) The clerk’ll be with you in a jiff.
See also: jiffy

in a jiff

See also: jiff
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Project wraparound facilitators were eager to use the JIFF to capture the voice of the teen parents in their own assessment.
So, like the women of my family I am in the kitchen at midnight scrubbing pots with Jiff.
Where don Quijote asks to see the religious figures in II, 48, one of the men says: "Just wait a jiff and you'll see with your own two eyes" (874).
JIFF, a Japanese NGO based in Ibaraki Prefecture, is working in Peshawar, while AMDA, an international NGO based in Okayama Prefecture, is working in Quetta, both near the border with Afghanistan.
The men have traveled back and forth from Pakistan to engage in refugee relief activities in Peshawar where a JIFF facility has been built.
1) Jifjafa ia variously spelt Jifjaffa, Jif-Jaffa, Jif Jaffa, Jif Jafa, Jiff Jaffa, Bit el Jifjafa, Bir el Jifjaffa and Gifgaffa in contemporary documents and maps.
Sparks from a bench grinder can pit and burn a wood bench top in a jiff, and may even ignite accumulated shop dust behind the grinder.
The Jiff "V" Sharp (say it fast) is a handy little plastic gizmo with some carbide steel inserts in a "V" shape.
And when he briefly drops out of circulation, what should fate throw Bowfinger's way but Jiff, a lookalike so dumb he can be convinced the highway traffic are all stunt drivers.
It would be hard to miss popularity with Steve Martin in the title role as a producer-director who has little going for him except an insane self-confidence, and Eddie Murphy as both Kit Ramsey, the unavailable star around whom Bowfinger shoots his movie without Kit knowing it, and Jiff Ramsey, his goofy-looking brother with glasses who is down on his luck.
The butt of the first half is Jiff (Eddie Murphy), who lets himself believe Bowfinger's patent lie and then has to flex every part of his body, including the ears, to survive his little assignment.
And he's almost as funny in a second role, Jiff, a sweet Ramsey look-alike enlisted by Bowfinger when he can't find the real Ramsey.
Jiff users, Skippy users and previous non-users of peanut butter at Safeway.
However, the demonstration did not include the download from the web, so there was no way to judge how long that would take - Geschke said that it was typically 10% to 20% faster than standard JIFF downloads.
The complete determination of properties by the individuals possessing them amounts just to the definition of set equality as identity of membership, while the complete determination of individuals by properties stems from the fact that for any individuals I and J, I = Jiff there is no subset of the domain which has one but not the other as an element.