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The line is delivered with the certainty that this is great wisdom being passed down from Mount Olympus, and what makes it all the more funny is that it's coming from an old-money Italian jet-setter who begins the movie by saying he has produced 70-odd films and keeps whittling the number so that by the end of ``CQ,'' Enzo is down to 37 pictures and falling.
It's December 1999 and all the time, the clock is counting down to the Millennium Bug that will destroy the carefully laid plans that have made him a rich jet-setter.
SIMON O'Brien, the former Brookside star and jet-setter, is planning to move his cycle shop.
A camera crew will record the winner's transformation into the ultimate digital jet-setter, outfitted with all the latest gear.
Paris Hilton Best American Friend Forever (ITV2, 8pm) IT'S a lonely life being an international jet-setter, part-time film star and full-time celebrity.
That's the formula for this bonkers new series as blonde jet-setter Paris does a UK version of the show that has already happened in America in which a clutch of wannabes compete to share the limelight and Always Be There for her.
IAIN Dowie may not be a high-flyer with Crystal Palace - but he has to be the biggest jet-setter in the Premiership.
But the jet-setter will be back in Lebanon in time to celebrate the holidays with her family, just as she's gotten used to every year.
Newcastle Crown Court heard on Thursday how the Jarrow jet-setter made numerous international trips using a passport he obtained under a fake name.
It's about time the club grounded the jet-setter or informed him that the exit points are "here, here and here.
We are delighted as it helps attract the higher end spender and international jet-setter.
How one person can be a champion of the poorest of the poor, like Mother Teresa, on one hand and live the life of a jet-setter, wearing designer clothes, escapes me.
Sweet little Mikaella will be a jet-setter just like her mamma, as Maya plans on moving back to Egypt once she's decided on which drama to film.
Experts reckon that to live like a proper jet-setter these days you'll need almost pounds 3million to your name.