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in jest

For fun; as a joke; without sincerity. I know your remarks were only in jest, but they still hurt my feelings.
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there's many a true word spoken in jest

The things that one jokes about may in fact be true or become true. I know she said she was joking about being depressed, but I'm concerned—there's many a true word spoken in jest.
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jest about someone or something

to make jokes about someone or something. There is no need to jest about Lady Bracknell. I wish you would not jest about that.
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jest at someone or something

to make fun of someone or something. Please don't jest at my cousin. Is someone jesting at my hairdo?
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jest with someone

to joke with someone; to try to fool someone. Surely you are jesting with me. Don't jest with me!
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Many a true word is spoken in jest.

 and There's many a true word spoken in jest.
Prov. Just because something is said as a joke, it can still be true. Fred: Why did you make a joke about my being stingy? Do you really think I'm cheap? Ellen: Of course not, don't be silly. It was just a joke. Fred: But many a true word is spoken in jest.
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in ˈjest

as a joke: The remark was made half in jest.‘Many a true word is spoken in jest,’ thought Rosie (= people often say things as a joke that are actually true).
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Jesting of course took many forms in Shakespeare's age, just as it does today.
Shakespeare carefully formulates Caliban's accusation so that jesting amounts to a kind of false statement--here, specifically, lying.
To what degree does the notion of purging jesting in The Tempest apply to the play's creator--the jesting playwright Shakespeare?
I have noted that Rosaline urges Biron to purge himself of his jesting humour, which has been the source of his attractiveness for playgoers as well as the razor that has cut his jests' subjects.
The Birifor have as jesting allies the Lobi, Gouin and Dafing.
It must be said that the field of expression of the jesting relationship is gradually deserting the oral domain and entering into written literature (Sissao 1995: 732).
The phenomenon of jesting relationships or dakiire plays a role in easing social tensions.
Burkinabe novelists are highlighting this cultural feature of Moaaga aesthetics, the dakiire or jesting relationship.
Despite insightfully mining the thought of Thomas Wilson and Erasmus on pulpit oratory, Holcomb does not draw on the same sources for advice on jesting in common law courts.
A Welshman-Ape jest aptly illuminates this multivalent potential of jesting (104-05).
The third chapter explains the risks posed by jesting in early modem England.
Moreover, Holcomb refers fully to a distinctive piece of Ciceronian advice--cited twice previously in the book to explain other dynamics of jesting (117-118).
Other past Jesting About success stories include Victoria Cook who, after taking part in Jesting About 2, won presenting roles and a part in BAFTAnominated CBBC programme Definitely Not Newsround, while other contributors have gone on to write for the likes of Mr Bean, Vic and Bob and Mock The Week.
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