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like nailing jelly to the wall

Incredibly difficult or impossible, such that it could be seen as a foolish or worthless endeavor to attempt. Trying to have a reasonable debate with her father is like nailing jelly to the wall. If they can't secure a victory here, climbing back to spot in the finals will be like nailing jelly to the wall.
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be/feel like ˈjelly

(also turn to ˈjelly) (of legs or knees) feel weak because you are nervous or frightened.: She couldn’t move — her head was swimming, her mouth was dry and her legs felt like jelly.
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shake like a ˈjelly/ˈleaf

(informal) shake with fear; be very afraid or nervous: Before I went into the exam room I was shaking like a leaf.
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n. jelly sandals; colorful shoes made from soft, flexible plastic. (From jelly bean.) Jellies will crack in this weather.
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jelly babies

n. an amphetamine tablet or capsule. (Drugs.) Are there any jelly babies in this neighborhood?
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There is a lot of interest and anticipation that has been building up within the Star Arcade gaming community prior to the launch of Jelly Wars and we hope our new game lives beyond their entertainment expectations.
Through the statistical analysis, the report depicts the global and Chinese total market of Petroleum Jelly White industry including capacity, production, production value, cost/profit, supply/demand and Chinese import/export.
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Colin Buchan, a Weegie chef pal of mine, did an amazing tomato jelly (served with a smoked mozzarella and basil pesto) when he worked in one of those fancy-pants places in London.
Blue Ridge Jams currently manufacturers eleven flavors of Jalapeno Pepper Jellies, including Jalapeno Blackberry Pepper Jelly, Jalapeno Raspberry Pepper Jam, Three Pepper Jelly, Jalapeno Strawberry Pepper Jelly just to list a few.
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Cake and candles did their part, paper hats and blowers too But all eyes were on that Jelly that wobbled and glistened like dew.
INGREDIENTS 4 x 135g packs lime jelly a selection of animal and bug sweets (see tips, below, for our selection) 2 x 154g packs Oreo biscuits METHOD Make up the jelly following pack instructions.
You will also need: Glass bowl, jug, spoon, scissors / knife, an adult to help with making the jelly METHOD WITH an adult to help you, make the pack of blackcurrant jelly, pour into the glass bowl and place it in the fridge to set.
Jelly Belly Candy Company is along for the ride as a "In Your Arms" World Tour sponsor paying homage to Grannis' globally-acclaimed, deliciously-crafted, jelly bean-inspired music video for the single "In Your Arms" that went viral with more than five million views in three months on YouTube.
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