jeer at

jeer at someone or something

to poke fun at someone; to make rude sounds at someone. Please stop jeering at my cousin! The others just jeered at my idea.
References in classic literature ?
Why, simply, to make fun of an old woman--to deride, to hiss, to jeer at an actress they once worshipped, but whose beauty is faded now and whose voice has lost its former richness.
Then, when I had got as far out as my voice would reach, I began to jeer at the Cyclops.
He--the shy young man--loves the heroine, oh so devotedly (but only in asides, for he dare not tell her of it), and he is so noble and unselfish, and speaks in such a low voice, and is so good to his mother; and the bad people in the play, they laugh at him and jeer at him, but he takes it all so gently, and in the end it transpires that he is such a clever man, though nobody knew it, and then the heroine tells him she loves him, and he is so surprised, and oh, so happy
So that's settled, and you needn't jeer at adventure any more.
I accept, 100 per cent, that fans pay their money and are therefore entitled to shout, boo or jeer at whoever they want.
FANS of US rockers My Chemical Romance were warned not to jeer at Girls Aloud or they would be kicked out of the audience of a late night music show.