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jaw away

To talk incessantly and/or at great length. I became so bored while the professor jawed away at us that I nearly fell asleep in the middle of the lecture. Whenever I meet up with Tammy, our "conversation" is always just her jawing away while I listen patiently on.
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1. With one's mouth hanging open, as due to surprise or dim-wittedness. I had to clear away the people who were standing slack-jawed on the side of the road, staring at the car wreck.
2. Moronic; very slow or dim-witted. I tried asking for directions at the gas station, but there was just some slack-jawed yokel working behind the counter.
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Palaeontologists from Bristol, the Natural History Museum and Curtin University, Australia collaborated with physicists from Switzerland to study the jaws of a primitive jawed fish called Compagopiscis.
Iron Jawed Angels'' explores both the grisly - and the girly - side of the suffrage movement: Wrenching depictions of vicious force-feedings of a hunger striker go hand-in-hand with girl talk of boys and hats; we even watch as Swank's character, Alice Paul, pleasures herself in a bathtub while recalling a pleasant day out with a gentleman caller.
2) In the primitive jawed vertebrate, the remaining gill arches (i.
Scientists know little about the emergence of these sophisticated immune systems about 500 million years ago, which occurred as vertebrates evolved from jawless into jawed creatures.
All jawed fish and land vertebrates now share six steroid-hormone receptors.
Because they resemble later sharks so closely, the Ordovician animals qualify as the closest relatives of the gnathostomes, or jawed vertebrates.