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diarrhea of the mouth

A tendency speak constantly or at length without thinking. I get so nervous every time I'm around police officers that I have diarrhea of the mouth and can't seem to shut up!
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diarrhea of the mouth

 and diarrhea of the jawbone
Fig. constant talking; a "disorder" involving constant talking. Wow, does he ever have diarrhea of the mouth! You're getting diarrhea of the jawbone again.
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diarrhea of the mouth

and diarrhea of the jawbone
n. an imaginary disease involving constant talking. Wow, does he ever have diarrhea of the mouth! Sorry. I seem to get diarrhea of the jawbone whenever I get in front of an audience.
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diarrhea of the jawbone

See also: diarrhea, jawbone, of


tv. to try to persuade someone verbally; to apply verbal pressure to someone. They tried to jawbone me into doing it.
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