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jarring experience

An experience that creates an acute sense of shock, confusion, or bewilderment. That car accident was such a jarring experience, I don't know if I'll be able to sleep for days. You need better use of transitional sentences in your paper. Jumping from point to point like that will be a jarring experience for the reader.
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caught with (one's) hand in the cookie jar

To have been caught in the act or attempt of some wrongdoing, especially one involving bribery or the illicit exploitation of one's position of power or authority. The senator was long accused of insider trading, and he was finally caught with his hand in the cookie jar when his conversation with a Wall Street executive was leaked to the media.
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on the jar

Partially open, as of a door; ajar. Leave that door on the jar, will you? I love the scent of an early spring morning! He never would have overheard our conversation if you hadn't left the door on the jar!
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jar against someone or something

to bump against someone or something. The guest jarred against the wall, knocking a picture askew. Someone jarred against Fran, almost knocking her over.
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jar on someone or something

to bother someone or some-one's nerves. (Similar to jangle on something.) Her voice really jars on me. My brash manner jars on her, I guess.
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hand in the till, with one's

Also, with one's fingers in the till; have one's hand in the cookie jar. Stealing from one's employer. For example, He was caught with his hand in the till and was fired immediately, or They suspected she had her hand in the cookie jar but were waiting for more evidence. The noun till has been used for a money box or drawer since the 15th century; cookie jar, perhaps alluding to the "sweets" of money, dates only from about 1940.
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catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar

If you catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar, you find them doing something wrong, especially stealing. The banker was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. So Harry caught you with your hand in the cookie jar? What happened next? Note: You can also talk about a person with their hand in the cookie jar or say that they have their hand in the cookie jar. Among those with their hand in the cookie jar was, it is alleged, the director of the program. Note: The usual British expression is have your hand in the till.
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with your hand in the cookie jar

engaged in surreptitious theft from your employer. North American informal
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The prayers are different, but not jarringly so, similar to the differences we note in the Divine Liturgy prayers of the Greek Catholics.
The exhibition opened with Wooster Enterprises' product line displayed in a glass showcase, a commercial vernacular jarringly out of place at the center of a gallery.
The relationship between Colette and Mac seems rushed and underdeveloped and Colette's defiant choice to wear a bright red coat for her secret meetings is jarringly reckless.
Although the novel's chapters, functioning somewhat like stand-alone short stories, can lurch jarringly ahead in time, McIntosh's well-drawn characters, provocative commentary, and bleak but hauntingly beautiful imagery make up for a slightly disjointed story line.
Putting aside, for a moment, the document's vision for an international monetary system that would somehow be accountable to a central authority and that would require a willing turnover of some national authority to a global body, it still outlines a jarringly radical approach to the world.
It didn't quite gel, though, mostly because no adequate explanation has been given - yet - for the army mobilised to bring down our hero, now cast somewhat jarringly as a warrior.
Three award-winning screenwriters, Julian Fellowes, Christopher McQuarrie and director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, compete for our attention throughout this lightweight caper, pulling the characters and us in jarringly different directions.
Three award-winning screenwriters (Julian Fellowes, Christopher McQuarrie and director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck), each with distinctive voices, compete for our attention throughout the lightweight caper, pulling the characters and us in jarringly different directions.
Sounds throughout the production often turned on and off jarringly, taking the audience out of the show rather than pulling them further into it.
They are set up with a firm bias but they are not jarringly hard and only really let low speed bumps be felt but once on the move the car's composure is absolute.
Typically, they will be placed with a sponsor family of a similar background, but often the final destination is still jarringly incongruous (non-English speaking refugees from Africa going to live in Mobile, Alabama or the rural Midwest, for example).
A hushed, reflective tone dominates after an FBI agent is jarringly abducted from her snowbound, West Virginia home.
George Thorogood and The Destroyers came out of Delaware in the 1970s as what Boston Globe music critic Steve Morse describes as "a jarringly high-energy bunch" with "raucous, slide guitar-stoked, blues-rock covers.
They are quite simply in the wrong place (as are, incidentally, the two council tower-blocks so jarringly visible in the background to William Brown Street).