jam together

jam someone or something together

to pack people or things close together. The usher jammed everybody together so more people could be seated. Don't just jam the boxes together! Sort them out first.
See also: jam, together

jam something together

to assemble something hastily or carelessly. The fragile contents were just jammed together in one box and everything was broken. The thing was just jammed together with no care at all.
See also: jam, together
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The mother-of-five said: "My children and I love to cook and we have cooked jam together before as a family and then given it to our friends.
We tend to jam together, and once the lyrics come in we multiply the experience with guitars, drums and other instruments.
We sit down and play together and, like, jam together and mess around.
Even when leading cast members joined Tim backstage and suggested they jam together - Tim remained oblivious.
The premise of the collaboration was thus - Tim Burgess (Charlatans), Mark King (Level 42), Bernard Butler (Suede), tropical popstress Hollie King, singer/songwriter Mary Epworth, and our own Natalie McCool would jam together, each taking turns at the mic.
Just as a bookshelf can jam together wildly different books, each book a small box opening onto a different world, so seemed the buildings of my city: every row of houses and shops brought near many kinds of abundance, opened onto many mysteries: crack houses, zen centers, gospel churches, tattoo parlors, produce stores, movie palaces, dim sum shops.
We were in school together, we all grew up with music and one day while out we were talking and decided to have a jam together and it worked.
Drivers stuck in the jam together can't see very far ahead; it just looks like more of the same forever.
WIST lets two people jam together by syncing apps running on different iOS devices.
Me and Kelly used to jam together way back when and I'd always stayed in touch with him," says Beynon, from Aberdare.
The band will jam together in rehearsal studios next month.
They'll jam together, decide on a set, rehearse and then perform to a live audience of family and friends on stage at PMT.
When I got to university I lived in a house full of musicians and we used to jam together and play covers.
WHEN guitarists jam together, even their brain waves get "into the groove", new research has shown.
WHEN guitarists jam together, their brainwaves are also in tune, say researchers.