knee-high to a jackrabbit

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*knee-high to a jackrabbit

 and *knee-high to a grasshopper
Rur. very small or short. (Usually used to describe children. *Typically: be ~; since someone was ~.) I've known you since you were knee-high to a jackrabbit. My, how you've grown! The last time I saw you, you were knee-high to a grasshopper!
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Polygynous mating behavior in the endangered Tehuantepec jackrabbit (Lepus flavigularis).
Mauldin demonstrated that jackrabbit diets vary, in part, as a function of the environment and that the [[delta].
com is a monthly on-line publication from Jackrabbit Microware, a San Diego, California-based technology consulting and integration company founded in 1982.
Dorothy Dowling, the company senior vice president of sales and marketing, said 'This partnership with JackRabbit will provide dynamic visibility into hotel capacity, enabling travellers throughout the nation to make easy and informed purchases within our family of hotels.
They finished their second book, "Jeremy Jackrabbit Recycles the Can," earlier this year while living in Phoenix and gave a free copy to every kindergartner in Maricopa County (46,000 copies) and distributed another 6,000 copies to youngsters back in Tucson.
The statements in this press release regarding the longer-term prospects of Jackrabbit and its management team, and the ability of Jackrabbit to grow and expand are "forward-looking statements.
Reasons for jackrabbit declines are unknown; however, speculations have included Lyme disease (Burgess & Windberg 1989), loss of grassland habitat due to invasion of shrublands (Medlin 1974), and competition with domestic livestock for forage (Currie & Goodwin 1966; Johnson 1979).
The BookDirect[TM] search engine from JackRabbit is designed to improve website functionality and usability in order to enhance the visitor's experience and increase room nights in the selected destination on city and state tourism (DMO) websites in North America.
If we assume an equal amount of effort and equal risk of injury for bobcats to capture lagomorphs and packrats, the amount of biomass represented by the capture of one jackrabbit or rabbit is 10 times higher than that obtained from the capture of one packrat.
The 'Mean Girls' actress was leaving Arizona nightspot the Jackrabbit Supper Club and Lounge with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson when the man lunged at her.
Enter the Black-tail Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus)
A legislative committee has endorsed a bill to crown the jackalope (a jackrabbit with horns like an antelope) as the state's official mythical animal.
Have you ever wanted to know the origin of the "jackalope"--a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope?
The company has identified a high-grade setting of approximately 470,000 ounces of gold at their Jackrabbit Project southwest of the town in Chester Township along Highway 144.