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jab at someone or something

to poke or punch at someone or something. Tom jabbed at Fred. Don't jab at the cat!
See also: jab

jab someone in something

to poke someone in a particular location on the body. Fred jabbed Tom in the side. He jabbed himself in the hand.
See also: jab

jab someone with something

to poke or stick someone with something. He jabbed Henry with the rake handle on purpose. The mugger jabbed the victim with a knife.
See also: jab

jab something at someone or something

to poke someone or something with something. Tom jabbed the stick at the dog. I jabbed my fist at Walter.
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jab something into something

 and jab something in
to stab something into something. Billy jabbed his spoon into the gelatin. He jabbed in his spoon. He jabbed it in.
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jab something out

to thrust something out. Molly jabbed her fist out suddenly. She jabbed out her fist.
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take a dig at someone

 and take a jab at someone; take digs at someone
Fig. to insult or pester someone. Why did you take a jab at Sam? You're always taking digs at people who think they're your friends. Jane is always taking digs at Bob, but she never really means any harm.
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take a jab at someone

 and take a punch at someone 
1. to hit at someone; to poke someone. Max took a jab at Lefty and missed. Lefty took a punch at Max.
2. Go to take a dig at someone.
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big jab

n. a lethal injection used to carry out a death sentence. (Journalistic.) Nearly 59 prisoners got the big jab in Texas this year.
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jab pop

in. to inject (drugs). (Drugs.) Jab popping is a ticket to cement city.
See also: jab, pop

take a dig at someone

and take a jab at someone
tv. to insult or needle someone. You’re always taking digs at people who think they’re your friends. Jed took a jab at Tom about the way he was driving.
See also: dig, someone, take

take a jab at someone

See also: jab, someone, take
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If you are over 18 and are eligible, you don't need a referral from your GP to have a free flu jab at a Boots pharmacy.
said Jabs, who became flooded with calls from people who wanted him to use their pets in his commercials.
In St Helens and Knowsley only 43% of 18-year-olds have had the second jab.
Then in Northumberland, 94%of children aged two to 15 received their first MMR jab and 88% received the second MMR jab.
Why won't the normal flu jab be enough to protect me?
Those aged 12 to 13 (Year 8) will receive the jab in a programme costing up to pounds 100 million a year in England.
People with chronic health conditions including diabetes and asthma are offered the flu jab.
Jackie Fletcher, of the pressure group JABS, which represents vaccine-damaged children, said: "The Department of Health and the manufacturers are doing everything they can to stop single vaccinations.
As well as protecting mums, the flu jab could have beneficial effects on babies, according to figures from the US.
I have my jab every October, and I'd hate to think there are pensioners and others who are putting themselves at risk by deciding against making an appointment.
Everyone aged 65 and over is routinely offered the jab, as are younger people with long-term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, serious kidney and liver disease.
The Government says myths about MMR include the idea that giving three viruses at the same time is too much for a young immune system; that other countries give separate jabs and that MMR causes autism and bowel disease.
I WAS shocked to read about the vaccine overdoses of the MMR jab given to Birmingham teenagers (Mail, September 5).
Fitting, because if there's one thing the plain-talking Jabs detests, it's bankruptcy as a business strategy--bankruptcy as an escape hatch to debts owed.