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jabber about someone or something

1. to talk or chat very informally about someone or something. Who are they jabbering about? Those kids are jabbering about school again.
2. to talk unintelligibly about someone or something. Is she jabbering about whatever comes to mind? She is jabbering about something, but we can't understand her.
See also: jabber

jabber away

To talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly: The friends jabbered away for hours.
See also: away, jabber


1. n. mindless chatter. I’ve heard enough of your jabber.
2. in. to chatter. Come over and we’ll jabber about things over coffee.
3. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) These scars show that the victim was a jabber.
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Antepo has an established track record as a strong supporter and recognized player on the Jabber scene.
Antepo delivers ACCEPT(TM) (Advanced Converging Communications and Enhanced Presence for the Telecom), an integrated Presence-based Mobile Messaging solution for Communication Service Providers that extends Jabber technology to next-generation wireless networks.
The Jabber Software Foundation sets and manages Jabber XMPP protocol.
More than seven million users -- representing hundreds of telecommunications carriers/operators, financial institutions, government agencies, higher education institutions, logistics companies, and other organizations -- have licensed the Jabber XCP commercial server to underpin carrier-class real-time, presence-powered applications including desktop and wireless IM for enterprises and consumers, real-time trading systems, and government intelligence systems.
In order to properly support the Jabber protocol, Prospero developed and integrated an innovative server system with its robust collaboration platform that maintains key context elements essential to the dynamics of online communities, such as user privileges, access restrictions, moderation tools, favorite lists and profiles.
Prospero's clients, or their end users, can choose from a variety of available Jabber client programs, many of which are freely available under open-source licenses.