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jabber about someone or something

1. to talk or chat very informally about someone or something. Who are they jabbering about? Those kids are jabbering about school again.
2. to talk unintelligibly about someone or something. Is she jabbering about whatever comes to mind? She is jabbering about something, but we can't understand her.
See also: jabber

jabber away

To talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly: The friends jabbered away for hours.
See also: away, jabber


1. n. mindless chatter. I’ve heard enough of your jabber.
2. in. to chatter. Come over and we’ll jabber about things over coffee.
3. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) These scars show that the victim was a jabber.
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Other open-source servers have been written--the two most promising efforts being jabberd2, a totally new code-base, and ejabberd, which is written in Erlang--but they use the same protocols, which are managed by the Jabber Software Foundation.
Jabber IM is an out-of-the box solution for companies that want to deploy secure instant messaging across the enterprise; Jabber XCP (Extensible Communications Platform) is a more robust presence, messaging, and XML-routing infrastructure for firms that want to build real-time applications, systems, and services for both enterprise and carrier or consumer use.
For content managers in particular, Jabber increasingly plays the role of real-time intelligence clearinghouse, delivering information to widely distributed resources at the moment the information is of maximum value," he says.
Business users wondering how Jabber fits into the bigger econtent picture need look no further than Microsoft and IBM--the company's competitors in the enterprise IM and collaboration space.
As Jabber increasingly is used as a real-time content-management and aggregation tool, Jabber's base of 'coopititors' will expand to include companies in message-oriented middleware and other markets.
In the meantime, Bamonti says Jabber developers are well aware of the challenges digital content managers face.
By embracing Jabber, we are providing our clients with a variety of new features and benefits, in addition to a well-documented standard for building custom programs.