jab at

jab something at someone or something

to poke someone or something with something. Tom jabbed the stick at the dog. I jabbed my fist at Walter.
See also: jab

jab at someone or something

to poke or punch at someone or something. Tom jabbed at Fred. Don't jab at the cat!
See also: jab
References in classic literature ?
He flour- ished, in his trembling hand, on the end of a fore- arm no thicker than a walking-stick, a shining pair of scissors which he tried before my very eyes to jab at his throat.
Director of Public Health Dr Adrian Phillips is urging more pregnant women across the city to book a free jab at the earliest opportunity.
If you are over 18 and are eligible, you don't need a referral from your GP to have a free flu jab at a Boots pharmacy.
Council leaders are calling for everyone aged 65 or over, as well as people with a range of chronic conditions, to get their free jab at either their doctors or a local pharmacy.
Frontline NHS staff, those aged 64-plus, pregnant or with chronic illnesses or in "at risk" groups should get a jab at their GP surgery.
Members of the public will be given the jab at their GP surgery.
BRAVE SANTA: Ruth Williams from the Liverpool primary care trust gives Father Christmas his flu jab at his grotto in city centre store Lewis's' Picture: GEOFF ROBERTS
Over the next few weeks anyone over the age of 65 or those suffering from asthma, diabetes, or a serious heart, chest or kidney condition, should be able get their free jab at GP surgeries and clinics.
The store, owned by American giant Wal-Mart, said the cost of the one-off jab at pounds 11.
If they are, they can pay for the jab at the checkout and then will receive it in a specially designated area, probably the store's first-aid room,'' said spokesman Domonic Burch.
Lewis, seven inches taller and with a 15-inch reach advantage, stuck out his left jab at the opening bell and didn't pull it in until the mismatch was over.
Coun Bedser, who was given his flu jab at The Kenrick Centre, in Harborne last week, said: "The simple message for anyone at risk in Birmingham is that it's not too late to have the flu jab this winter.
Since 2005, a booster jab at 12 months of age has been introduced.
From the opening bell, the champion landed the jab at will to pile up points and keep Gonzalez at a safe distance, which seemed to support the contention that Gonzalez lacks sufficient speed.
So find out if you're eligible for a free jab at www.