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collector's item

An item that is especially noteworthy for its value, rarity, and/or history and would thus be prized by someone who collects such things. We went through my grandfather's attic and came upon a number of different collector's items, from rare toys to vintage rifles.
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collector's item

An object of great interest, value, or rarity, as in This necklace is a collector's item. Originating in the early 1900s as collector's piece, a usage still common in Britain, the term in its present form is occasionally transferred to persons as well, as in The Beach Boys became a collector's item on the tour. [c. 1930]
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be an item

If two people are an item, they are having a romantic or sexual relationship. She and Gino were an item.
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be an item

(of a couple) be involved in an established romantic or sexual relationship. informal
1997 Independent ‘It is fair to say they are an item but they are not engaged,’ said one of Mr Brown's closest confidantes.
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be an ˈitem

(informal) be involved in a romantic or sexual relationship: Are they an item?
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hot item

1. n. an item that sells well. This little thing is a hot item this season.
2. n. a romantically serious couple. Sam and Mary are quite a hot item lately.
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Whether you are an avid collector of all types of antiques, an estate sale buyer, a Saturday morning garage-sale shopper, or the owner of everything Big Mama left behind, selling your items at an auction may bring thousands of dollars.
However, a deduction may be allowed for a charitable donation of a single item of clothing or a household item, not in good used condition or better, if the amount claimed for the item exceeds $500 and the taxpayer's return includes a qualified appraisal of that item.
These supply chain alliances (SCAs), are being established with DLA suppliers that are not original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) but still collectively comprise a substantial portion of DLA's obligation dollars and provide critical items to the agency's customers.
For example, a taxpayer who understates both capital gains and interest income qualifies for a special allocation because a different tax rate applies to each item.
Recent audit activity indicates the IRS will require taxpayers to use one of the simplified methods (SPM or SRM) when it determines that a taxpayer is using a facts-and-circumstances method that does not allocate costs to specific inventory items.
Finally, the scale used for each item in the MSEI ranged from 1-4 (strongly disagree to strongly agree) and frequency distributions indicated that the respondents tended to only use the higher end of the scale (3-4).
If, during the course of the process, the allowed limited perusal of information is sufficient to cause the officer to conclude that the information is probable evidence of a crime, the officer may lawfully seize the document without obtaining a second warrant under the "plain view" exception provided he can later demonstrate that he was searching reasonably within the limits of the warrant he was executing when he encountered the evidence, and there was probable cause upon proper examination of the item that it was evidence of criminal activity.
Winning Bidders of Online Auctions Can Donate Items and Ship Them for Free
The spouse establishes that he or she did not know, and had no reason to know, of the item of community income; and
This shortened version of the MBS should assist researchers in data collection by (a) shortening the time it takes to administer the scale, (b) removing seemingly redundant items, and (c) focusing on specific constructs contained within the instrument.
the government's unit acquisition cost of all delivered items, as part of or associated with the Material Inspection and Receiving Report (DD Form 250).
The Chemels will list an item on eBay and take a commission if it sells.
Item 11: pulley, crankshaft; NSN 3020-01-188-3884; PN 612-6
Likewise, there is a specific item of income (loss) printed on each of the first 32 lines of Part III, such as:
The code defines a partnership item as one "required to be taken into account for the partnership's taxable year .