it is high time

it is high time

It is the appropriate time (that something happen); it is long overdue (that something happen). Thank you for a lovely meal, but it's high time for us to start heading home. It is high time that someone gives him the punishment he deserves!
See also: high, time

it's high time

Rur. it is about the right time for something. It's high time we were leaving. It's high time you started thinking about saving for your old age.
See also: high, time

it is high time that

it is past the time when (something should have happened or been done).
See also: high, that, time
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Americans United Litigation Counsel Ayesha Khan, who has traveled to the community to take depositions and gather evidence, said it is high time local school officials started obeying the law.
This year, as we enter the new millennium, it is high time for the Cal State Northridge football stadium to come to fruition.
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