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And it's nothing personal, but he would love to come out on top again this time and send Corcoran hurtling into retirement first.
It's nothing personal, but we don't see why more public money is spent on Scotland than the West Midlands when they are richer than we are.
He gave me a bit of stick after I hit the winner but he knows it's nothing personal although I don't think I'll get an invite to Majorca again
Sorry and all that, it's nothing personal, but as far as we're concerned you can start packing your bags Martyn, Chris, Betty, David (Hanson) and Ian.
We both have that will to win and if we do have a fall out it's nothing personal it's for the betterment of the team.
The changes are for tactical reasons, it's nothing personal.
All I know is that it's nothing personal and nothing to do with talent, but we've got to lose some players.
I don't want to come across as being bitter towards the guy - it's nothing personal.
It's nothing personal and I find it strange how touchy some jockeys are about media criticism.
Zine says it's nothing personal with Lone Star, but the signs irritate his constituents.
Settle down it's nothing personal - they are staging a revolt against one of the most unpopular decisions made in the club's history by an official.
I grew up at Arsenal and I love the fans, but I've got family who are Tottenham fans so it's nothing personal, it was just a bit of fun.
It's nothing personal, it's complex -- but just the way it is," said RN secretary Mario Desbordes.
It's nothing personal, it's about pulling together as a team and getting the best out of each other.
Eugene police motorcycle officers traded their Harleys in for BMWs this month, but they promise it's nothing personal.
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