(it's) not half bad

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(it's) not half bad

(It's) pretty good; (it's) not as unpleasant as one may have originally thought. A: "I know it's your first time trying sushi. How do you like it?" B: "It's not half bad."
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not half bad

Somewhat satisfactory or good, especially compared to initially low expectations. I didn't know what to expect, but these corn dog tacos aren't half bad! A: "How was the concert that Kelly made you go to?" B: "Not half bad, actually. Those guys can actually play."
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(It's) not half bad.

It's not as bad as one might have thought. Mary: How do you like this play? Jane: Not half bad. Jane: Well, how do you like college? Fred: It's not half bad.
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not half ˈbad

(informal) (used to show surprise) not bad at all; good: The food really isn’t half bad, is it?
See also: bad, half, not
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com/m/get_santa) Rotten Tomatoes , it's not half bad.
Ditto the actor who does the kitten's very Reeves-like voice in one bizarre hallucination; suffice it to say that, as game imitations go, it's not half bad.
Fifty-six percent isn't the 99 percent we've heard so much about lately, but it's not half bad.
And as a starting point for the Church of England it's not half bad, either.
But be patient, it's not half bad when you finally discover you can drown your sorrows in five, yes five, drinks ofyourchoiceforonlyDhs88.
Not only is choc a delish V-Day delight, it's not half bad for ya
And, although you'd expect it, given that lineage, it's not half bad.
As action game premises go, it's not half bad and it gets Viking off to a fantastic start.
Like most people I could get easily used to five-star living but short of a lottery win I'll have to make do with the odd stolen afternoon of how the other half live - and it's not half bad.
It's not something I'd go out of my way to listen to, but it's not half bad either.
Western civilization may not be pining for a play about the wretched (and lightly disguised) family of imprisoned con man Bernie Madoff, but need it or not, actress-turned-scribe Amanda Peet has written just such a play in "The Commons of Pensacola" While it doesn't realize its ambitions, it's not half bad in the hands of the super cast in MTC a.
The Ford Galaxy is about the biggest selling people carrier I see out on the roads and it's not half bad to drive either.
and it's not half bad on a cold and frosty February evening, too.
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