it's high time

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it is high time

It is the appropriate time (that something happen); it is long overdue (that something happen). Thank you for a lovely meal, but it's high time for us to start heading home. It is high time that someone gives him the punishment he deserves!
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it's high time

Rur. it is about the right time for something. It's high time we were leaving. It's high time you started thinking about saving for your old age.
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it’s ˌhigh/aˌbout ˈtime (that)...

(spoken) used for saying that something should be done or happen immediately or very soon: It’s high time that this room was properly cleaned!So you’ve started work! It’s about time! (= you should have started a long time ago).
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Summary: New Delhi (India), Mar 08 (ANI): It's high time to get over bride-groom pre-wedding shoot - the time has come for saas-bahu jodis to rock the quintessential shoot before the wedding like a pro.
It's high time these parties and party leaders should stop playing tricks with the citizens of our country and stand high headed and play fair.
It's high time that the government finally pushed through with this,' the Speaker said during the hearing of the transportation committee.
According to figures quoted in this programme, the average family disposes of PS700 worth of food every year and Hugh thinks it's high time that came to an end.
According to figures quoted, the average family disposes of PS700 worth of food every year and Hugh thinks it's high time that came to an end.
It's high time public safety was taken more seriously, then maybe the rest of us could sleep easier, too.
Nothing has changed, I still believe that to be true - but it's high time they actually started getting the results to prove that rather than just praising themselves for playing well.
I think it's high time we take a uniform decision about what kind of content we should be allowed to watch.
Age UK's Caroline Abrahams said: "It's unfair - and it's high time we brought them in from the cold.
Everyone agrees it's high time City made some headway in Europe - but it's not about to get any easier for Manuel Pellegrini (above).
Citing research done by the administration that shows conflicts of interest cost investors $17 billion in losses per year, Furman stated that it's important to "not hide behind every argument we can drum up to not act" in updating ERISA; the act "hasn't been changed in 40 years, and it's high time to do so.
But I'm not sitting here quaking in my boots about the big 4-0 - I'm actually look-look ing forward to it so it's high time I start doing some planning.
It's high time Mr Davies came out of his urban shell and got to know what makes our beautiful countryside tick.
Perhaps it's high time that the researchers find out the actual reason behind the growing highly disturbing trend, instead of ending with conclusions like a fallout of liquor, criminal bend of mind, social deprivation etc.