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Wood paints were traditionally gloss, but these days lower-sheen satinwood and eggshell are more fashionable finishes - shiny woodwork isn't the done thing any more.
The tapas-style entre table is sometimes difficult to navigate as the wooden slab-style plates, whilst offering a unique touch, are difficult to appreciate without going back for more, and you feel this isn't the done thing.
Dr Sharon Hopkins, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board's director of public health, said: "There has to be a cultural change with people accepting that smoking isn't the done thing when they are working for a health-based organisation and trying to improve the health of the local population, of which they are a part.
A Taste Test without desserts isn't the done thing, so we took the plunge and ordered clotted cream strawberry ice cream for Rachel, with a chocolate fudge pudding with cream for me.
It isn't the done thing to switch from United to Wednesday, any more than it's acceptable to swap Celtic for Rangers.
A NICE idea, but haggling just isn't the done thing.
I was quite pleasantly surprised about the way he proposed to her because he came to ask me for my permission, which I suppose isn't the done thing anymore.
When we won we threw our hats into the air and we got into trouble for that because that isn't the done thing.
The only trouble is that Zubar is yet to realise that there's a time and a place for the F-word and dropping the curse into every other sentence isn't the done thing.
The fans will blame the board, of course, because it isn't the done thing to question O'Neill but isn't it all a bit too easy as well as unfair to point a finger at the directors?
And no sneaking off down the pub to see your mates, because that just isn't the done thing.
He might have taken advantage of his position as the heavyweight champion of the world, but she was out disco dancing the next day and that isn't the done thing for a rape victim.
ANICE idea, but when it comes to car supermarkets, haggling just isn't the done thing.