is anyone's guess

something is anyone's guess

also something is anybody's guess
no one knows the answer How the lawsuit will turn out is anybody's guess. At that point, whether he was dead or alive was anyone's guess.
See also: guess
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So how the SFA are the only ones who didn't see a week like we've just had coming is anyone's guess.
HOW much longer the Royal Mail can remain in business delivering small parcels is anyone's guess.
The Government will accept sealed bids from all interested parties, but what happens afterwards is anyone's guess.
Quite where the other pounds 650,000 in accrued costs comes from is anyone's guess.
These days plastic surgery is almost seen as the norm in Hollywood, so why Demi wants to say she hasn't gone under the knife is anyone's guess.
Where the Tory leader will turn up next is anyone's guess.
Whether or not these two will continue into the next 15 years together is anyone's guess.
Why their long-suffering boss (Leigh Zimmerman) hasn't sacked them is anyone's guess.
What the other 84 people working for Cheney do is anyone's guess.
What would happen to landowners in the area is anyone's guess, but according to the plan's authors, there would be "adequate incentives for local landowners.
The replay showed that all his rivals were under pressure before him, so how he could have been made a 49-1 chance is anyone's guess.
Katie is quite adept at clutching pens but what she does with them next is anyone's guess.
The Hemeroteca--a periodicals archive will open later this year; the library, history museum, and administrative offices have been framed; the music theatre and new technologies building have yet to break ground, and the final cost is anyone's guess.
Whether the turnaround has anything to do with the success of the cottage lots pilot program (the city was able to get permission from the province to sell off some nearby waterfront lots on Crown land for cottage development) is anyone's guess, but the timing is impeccable.
Given the unpredictable nature of auctions, what these outstanding as-new motors will eventually go for is anyone's guess.