irregardless of

irregardless of something

without being influenced by something regardless of something If you come to this country and commit a crime, I think that irregardless of whether you're now a citizen, you should be deported.
Usage notes: not considered standard English
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In all cases where KTPP was present the dispersion was very poor, irregardless of the low-carboxylate dispersant level.
Until the question of sustainable development arose, the successful businessman-community-nation was the one who broke all records for economic profit irregardless of other costs.
The contrasts, labeled Generation, compared the variance in the scores for the Gen Xers with variance of the combined scores of the Boomers, irregardless of their tenure.
The viscosity constraints posed by urethane acrylates, irregardless of whether they are aromatic or aliphatic, instantly eliminated most of them from consideration.
It happens that each of these is a theology course that explicitly examines the question of the human relationship to non-human nature; however, I intentionally incorporate this basic environmental approach in every theology course that I teach, irregardless of its specific topical focus.
One of the great ironies of the contemporary higher educational establishment is that it extends noble efforts to make college available to all students irregardless of their socioeconomic background, while not recognizing their need for guidance on course planning and career planning.
Will pregnant women be forced to forego the protections of informed consent, irregardless of their circumstances?
And herein lies our Fourth Amendment's "keystone" quality: It essentially protects privacy from "unlawful" government intrusion irregardless of one's individual priorities.
The voters put the board in place to reach its decision irregardless of the political ramifications, and that's what they've done.
But an initial consultation with Roberto or Maurizio costs pounds 120, irregardless of whether you decide to go ahead with an op or not.
Walker reminded his naturalized Japanese listeners that they were entitled to and would share equal privileges with other citizens of Canada, irregardless of creed or colour.
At 25[degrees]C, antibiotic inhibition zones decreased on TSA with sorbitol, whereas all bacteria exhibited motility, irregardless of the media they were grown on.
Findings: Results from Phase II indicate that both African American and Caucasian women, irregardless of rural or urban residence, who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, experience significant anxiety, rely heavily on support systems that are already in place, are very knowledgeable about their diagnosis and treatment, have difficulty in the management of side-effects during treatment, use spirituality as a mechanism for coping with the illness, would utilize counseling services from a nurse after diagnosis, and generally do not meet criteria for clinical depression.