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involve someone in something

to draw someone into a matter or problem. Please don't involve me in this mess. I da not wish to involve myself in Alice's business. I didn't want to involve you in the problem we are having with the police.
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involve someone with someone or something

1. to cause someone to associate with someone or something. Don't try to involve me with John. I can't stand him. We will try to involve all the teachers with the new association. I will not involve myself with such goings-on.
2. to connect someone or someone's name to activity (often wrongdoing) associated with someone or something. Don't try to involve Amy with the crime. She is innocent. We involved the committee with the intense lobbying effort, and everyone began to see the extent of its influence.
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The IRS's Website provides comprehensive descriptions of (1) listed transactions involving exempt organizations, (2) other abusive transactions involving exempt organizations and (3) other abusive tax-avoidance transactions, as well as links to specific guidance; see www.
Areas that need to be emphasized when consulting with Latino students and families are: (a) using a multisystemic approach to consultation; (b) actively involving parents, and (c) considering and incorporating cultural and language factors in the process and content of consultation.
The deal ended up involving a much-publicized FBI sting for money laundering and my concern was that my conversations had been taped by the FBI and that I, an innocent broker, was being drawn into a series of federal investigations.
19) This is termed "strict liability," and most often involves crimes involving public health and safety.
The youth court caseload has been falling gradually since 1991/92, primarily due to the steady drop in the number of cases involving crimes against property.
This is a study of roughly 350 cases involving sexual misconduct from the province of Vizcaya, one of the Basque provinces of northern Spain.
The Karapandzic technique involves the creation of circumoral incisions involving the nasolabial and mental creases (figure 2).
It was from a member who noted that TEI had recently filed amicus briefs in two cases--both reprinted in this issue--and expressed disappointment that the Institute had decline to file a brief in a case involving his company.
As reported in these pages previously, * our investigation shows that the following terrorist attacks are all closely linked, many involving the same individual planners and perpetrators:
government; also hears appeals in patent-rights cases and cases involving international trade.
Injuries involving contaminated needles and other sharps are of particular concern.
Issues involving the National Football League still must be ironed out and further discussions with Major League Baseball are on the horizon, but Glazer's bid to purchase the Dodgers from News Corp.
The remaining nine states apply the most serious penalties to cases involving older children, including one state that uses age 17 as the cutoff.
Now, copyright is an issue for all publishers but in many cases involving newsletter publishers--like actions Washington Business Information brought against Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms, and the long-running case of Warren Publishing against the United States Telephone Association--the response of the defendents appeared to be, "Of course we understand copyright and its importance to publishers, but it can't possibly apply to making a few photocopies of this little thing.