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inveigle someone into something

to coax or trick someone into doing something. We tried to inveigle her into attending, but she caught on to us. I was inveigled into doing it.
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inveigle someone out of something

to deceive someone into giving something up. Are you trying to inveigle me out of my money? I was inveigled out of my money by a common thief.
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inveigle something out of someone

to get something away from someone, usually by deception or persuasion. They inveigled a large donation out of Mrs. Smith. The crooks tried to inveigle a fortune out of the old lady.
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But it's also a dangerous culture, especially if used to defend and protect unsavoury characters who've inveigled themselves into positions of power or influence.
IN teaching, he took the poet out of the set book and introduced him as a friend; in competition he wanted the best, everything you had to give; and to the college, whose playing fields and the Welsh society he made ever more popular, he inveigled his friends - he wanted to share them and their skills.
The documentary video of an earlier performance with the telling title Masculine demeanor as a consequence of social power relations between artist and audience, held at the Bonner Kunstverein, in Bonn, in 2013, reveals the amazing things that people who are perfectly conversant with contemporary art--curators and collectors among them--can be inveigled into doing through the potent pull of group dynamics.
He's unaware that the source of his discontent stands by his side - in the shape of his right hand man (Farrell) who has inveigled his way into the gang in order to gain revenge for the deaths of his wife and daughter.
Mr Galloway, 58, said it was "an extraordinary coincidence that public enemy number one Julian Assange somehow gets inveigled with two women with incredibly complex backgrounds who just, at the right time, come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against him".
The crowd was made up of men and women of all ages, and while several of them tipped the scales at more than 18st there were also a few slim people who inveigled their way in possibly to get a dollop of that crumble.
The moment of implausibility I refer to came towards the end of the film, after Harry P and friends had inveigled their way into the bank run by goblins (which, I might mention, seemed to have been unaffected by the credit crunch), found whatever they were looking for, escaped on the back of a flying dragon, returned to Hogwarts for the final destructive battle with the forces of Voldemort (whose nose, one feels, could have benefited from the sort of cosmetic surgery former cocaine addicts get and which surely ought to be easily available to a Dark Lord such as himself) and Harry is zapped by Voldemort, but recovers and kills him.
com/thecornshedsisters Basically I went to lots of gigs and became their number one fan and inveigled my way into that group
This was an horrific crime in which a young girl who had everything to live for and placed her trust in you was inveigled into your lair.
Before long I had inveigled my way into the cabal, and the rest of the evening must remain a secret--if dancing naked around a flaming wicker effigy of Markup de Price (chosen for the extra quantity of combustible material) can ever truly be a secret.
They allegedly inveigled the Sunland manager into believing that a plot had been booked and registered in his name and that Dh44.
Minor nations, in their own quest for military prestige, may have inveigled the great powers and their munitions dealers to participate in activities that statesmen would otherwise have clearly eschewed.
Will perhaps take into consideration the mitigating circumstances that inveigled us into making all those wrong choices and hasty decisions.
Groenewald knocked Ian Blackwell's middle-stump, Botha inveigled Peter Trego into lifting a catch to extra cover and Ian Salisbury trapped Zander de Bruyn lbw and had Craig Kieswetter caught at long on.
And, guys, here's the rub: the days are long gone when a woman could be palmed off with a sub-standard product, inveigled to pay over the odds for a gadget or placated when things go wrong with a metaphorical pat on the head.