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inveigle someone into something

to coax or trick someone into doing something. We tried to inveigle her into attending, but she caught on to us. I was inveigled into doing it.
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inveigle someone out of something

to deceive someone into giving something up. Are you trying to inveigle me out of my money? I was inveigled out of my money by a common thief.
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inveigle something out of someone

to get something away from someone, usually by deception or persuasion. They inveigled a large donation out of Mrs. Smith. The crooks tried to inveigle a fortune out of the old lady.
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Isn't it strange how music can inveigle itself into your psyche to the point at which you can remember it way back from a time before it even existed?
The fresh layout of the site effusively communicates through the world of Human Resources, and has been designed in a way to inveigle the reader to explore the site, constantly finding new and engaging features and stories along the way.
It is particularly famous for its mock meats -- and I must warn you that the Vegetarian Goose served in the style of Peking duck wraps with cucumber, leeks and black bean paste may just inveigle you to keep eating.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The anti-Iran terrorist Moujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as MEK, NCRI and PMOI) is seeking to inveigle credulous US officials and journalists into seeing a bomb factory beneath every building in Tehran, in an attempt to hold Iran's nuclear talks at bay, an American analyst said.
The beauty all around will inveigle you to stop by at the rhumerie, take a tour of the facility, and sip the amber-hued Chamarel Rum V.
Also, while assigning categories of urgency to the visa process may be a logical way to tackle the rush, it is important to ensure that these decisions are fully governed by logic and not seen to be a means to inveigle people to part with more money.
It follows the familiar lines of the many approaches made by Israel during the past five years to try and inveigle the Arab leaders into direct contacts.
On the one hand, middle-of-theroad newspapers carry garish supermarket food advertisements as never before: double-page spreads inveigle us through their doors with three-bird roasts at ridiculously low prices, others hint at families bitterly disappointed if not served a sickly pudding with an orange in the middle.
Other emails try to inveigle full bank details out of recipients, supposedly so funds can be transferred into the account.
I inveigle Charlotte and myself on to a table at La Grand Cascade, adjacent to the track, booked by a confidante with better taste in restaurants than my own.
Although we've reached the point where Christmas-themed episodes of TV shows have become so mundane that murder is an acceptable plot device (Ebenezer Scrooge seems downright quaint these days), it's still impressive when a series manages to incorporate its usual concerns and still manages to inveigle viewers to feel the holiday spirit.
Tell them, 'Folks, you're the victims of a middleclass plot to inveigle you into the system and to blame you for the disadvantages you have suffered.
218) As a result, to inveigle or decoy a victim across state lines, there must be "restraint," there must be some level of control and there must be either accompaniment or a threat.
No small matter for youngish readers, these books feel comfortable in the hand and the color covers inveigle readers to pick them up and turn the pages.
There are people who continue to incite and inveigle the crowd at the EDSA shrine, and explore the atmosphere to pursue their personal, partisan or seditious claims,'' Arroyo said, referring to the shrine along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue that has marked two ''people power'' revolts in the Philippines.