invasion of privacy

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invasion of (someone's) privacy

Fig. an intrusion that results in the loss of someone's privacy. Your invasion of my privacy is not welcome! The athlete complained about the invasion of his privacy by the press.
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The Prince forgets," Bransome remarked dryly, "that an invasion of this country--a practical invasion--is very nearly an impossible thing.
I simply say that in your present state invasion from some one or other is a sure thing.
The representatives of the nations of the world, being present, all nations solemnly pledged themselves never to use against one another the laboratory methods of warfare they had employed in the invasion of China.
As the stone which has been kicked by generations of clowns may come by curious little links of effect under the eyes of a scholar, through whose labors it may at last fix the date of invasions and unlock religions, so a bit of ink and paper which has long been an innocent wrapping or stop-gap may at last be laid open under the one pair of eyes which have knowledge enough to turn it into the opening of a catastrophe.
In an interview aired on CNN Europe on Sunday, former UK prime minister Tony Blair offered a partial apology for Britain's role in the invasion of Iraq.
This is while Saudi troops (mostly foreign mercenaries) and an unknown number of others from assorted Arab nations are poised to pour into Yemen, an illegal invasion that is likely to make the situation worse for ordinary citizens and refugees.
SARAJEVO, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- Bosnian political veteran Haris Silajdzic said that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on this day in 1990 was "the beginning of the collapse of the project of Arab nationalism and the dismantling of the bonds of Islamic solidarity".
The Invasion of the Overworld is filled with exciting battles, suspenseful adventures, and detailed characters that will take the reader on a fully immersive journey that will let them see and feel Minecraft.
ISLAMABAD -- Researchers have discovered a key process during the invasion of the blood cell by the Malaria parasite, and have found a way to block this invasion.
17 ( ANI ): Researchers have discovered a key process during the invasion of the blood cell by the Malaria parasite, and have found a way to block this invasion.
In this study, we have shown that curcumin can suppress epidermal growth factor (EGF)- stimulated and heregulin-stimulated PC-3 cell invasion, as well as androgen-induced LNCaP cell invasion.
Mary's College of California) offer a comprehensive introduction to the processes and patterns of biological invasion by non-native species.
New Jersey police are searching for the man responsible for a brutal and brazen home invasion in Millburn that was disturbingly captured on a baby monitor.
The most obvious target of the allies for an invasion was Pas de Calais, the region nearest the British coast, and it was here that the Germans believed the invasion would take place which was understandable.
Hell to Pay: Operation DOWNFALL and the Invasion of Japan, 1945-1947.