inure to

inure someone or something to something

to accustom someone to someone or something. We wanted to inure you to this kind of problem, but here it is and you must face it. The coach inured the team to the thought of losing. She had long ago inured herself to criticism of this type.
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Having thus fostered bad tax policy within the state, the Court of Appeal's opinion will inure to the detriment of multistate taxpayers beyond the borders of California, frustrating the goal of uniform and equitable tax administration among the states.
It states, with enumerated exceptions, "the assets of a plan shall never inure to the benefit of any employer and shall be held for the exclusive purposes of providing benefits to participants in the plan and their beneficiaries and defraying reasonable expenses of administering the plan.
When a homeowner executes a refinancing, does that party's additional deductions from higher interest rates, that inure to a household, siphon off much needed money for consumers to spend in the economy - if it gets credited back at the end of a tax year?
While the president's, quote, fingerprints may not be directly on the evidence proving these illegal acts, the results of the acts usually inure to the benefit of the president and the president alone,'' said Rep.
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code provides exemption from federal income tax to organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes as long as no part of the organization's net earnings of inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.
Highland had maintained that this transaction was not in the best interests of the stockholders of the Company for several reasons, including the perceived flawed valuation methodology that had been used to value the Company's assets and the contemplated unjust enrichment that would inure to the benefit of certain insiders and directors.
Even though the broker was not party to the contacts of sale, the Court ruled that the contact clauses made specific reference the broker's representations, and thus, these barring provisions of the contract inure to the broker's benefit.
One type of benefit sought to be obtained from grantor trust treatment - exemplified by the "defective-trust" - is the payment of income tax by the donor on income that will inure to the benefit of other family members (such as children), who are remaindermen of the trust.
Similarly, adjusted operating income excludes investment gains and losses on trading account assets supporting insurance liabilities and changes in experience-rated contractholder liabilities due to asset value changes, because these recorded changes in asset and liability values will ultimately inure to contractholders.
The IRS also determined that arrangement did not cause any earnings or benefits to inure to private parties.
Also, the disintegration of communism in Europe will have an enormous impact on private sector expansion in business, which, of course, will inure to the benefit of New York since all of these countries will be represented here in many different industries.
These savings will inure to the benefit of Vitalstate and all of its shareholders and will, hopefully, make Vitalstate more profitable.
By using a GRAT to transfer appreciating property to a younger generation, a family can increase its overall net worth, by reducing the gift and estate taxes associated with the transfer and shifting, during the trust's term, the income tax burden to senior family members while the benefits inure to the benefit of the junior family members.
Similarly, net earnings may inure to the benefit of an individual in ways other than through the distribution of dividends.
This investor group also has deep experience in helping make good companies even better, which will inure to the long-term benefit of customers," said Kohler.