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intrude into something

to get involved in something that is someone else's business. I don't want to intrude into your affairs, but I see that you're short of money. Please don't intrude into this matter.
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intrude oneself into something

to work oneself into some matter that is someone else's business. I hate to intrude myself into your conversation, but don't I know you? Please do not intrude yourself into this matter.
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intrude (up)on someone or something

to encroach on someone or something or matters that concern only someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I didn't mean to intrude upon you. Please don't intrude on our meeting. Please wait outside.
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Exhibitors who leave their wireless networks easily discoverable at these shows need to be made aware of the ease with which an intruder can access their network and cause damage," said Rushing.
The intruder was described as a Latino in his early 20s, with short dark hair and wearing a white shirt, dark pants and a dark jacket.
Symantec Intruder Alert for HP-UX 11i v2 is a strong addition by Symantec to the software base for the Intel Itanium 2 architecture," said Melissa Laird, general manager of Intel's Developer Relations Division.
She said that her parents are diabetic, that her mother has tumors and suffers from seizures, that her father was very dismayed that an intruder died, and that both her parents were bruised and shaken by the attack.
The male intruder then stole an undisclosed amount of money.
Once the intruder managed to get out, "the resident would break off the chase literally right at the border," says Gese.
The ExitSentry system provides an extra measure of security at our concourse exits because we can visibly identify intruders and respond immediately.
The intruder exited the house but remained on the front step until authorities arrived.
1 million units every month, of which 414,700 units are wired and wireless intruder alarms, 272,450 units are video doorphones, 295,400 units are fire/smoke detectors, and the rest are other home security products.
WOWT 6 News later reported on September 9 that the Douglas County attorney ruled that the homeowner was justified in shooting and killing the intruder.
The intruder then ran out of that house and up to a neighboring duplex, where he first broke a kitchen window, then a bedroom window, and apparently cut himself badly climbing through the bedroom window.
Five large generators were taken when intruders targeted a water board depot.
John recalled hearing the intruder say to her, "Get on the floor, you know I will kill you
The intruder, according to police, came to the residence and began calling the couple names, such as "fatso" and "Harry Potter.