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intrigue someone with someone or something

to fascinate someone with someone or something. Walter intrigued the baby with his keys and funny faces. The king intrigued the guests with a seductive dancer who had trained in the Far East.
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intrigue (with someone) (against someone)

to conspire with someone against someone. You are guilty of intriguing with an enemy against the government. I did not intrigue against anyone.
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Intriguingly, almost a third resisted the temptation to take a five-star holiday.
The French language drama is intriguingly directed by brilliant Polish film-maker Pawel Pawlikoski (My Summer of Love, 2004).
But, perhaps most intriguingly of all, Zach Braff, best known for his starring role in US sitcom Scrubs, discusses his West End debut in All New People, a play he wrote himself.
One of the problems of being Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig (other than an intriguingly long name) is that he belongs to a large family of piglets and no-one has time for him.
Polish-bred Scater, a Listedwinning steeplechaser in his homeland, is by Dixieland out of Scatola, a daughter of the intriguingly named Skunks and out of a mare by the even more intriguingly named Erotyk.
A legal advice book primarily, it reads intriguingly for those who love an entertaining courtroom drama tied in with celebrity drama.
Quivering with nervous vanity and unconscious destructiveness, Lange intriguingly conjures parallels between Amanda Wingfield and Williams's most famous beautiful dreamer, Blanche DuBois.
There, rather intriguingly, you are instructed to 'rollover the squares for information' and there on the right are five landscape types with a row of squares against each.
Yet intriguingly for Crouzet-Pavan the broad strokes of her macrohistory move away from (without rejecting, I would suggest) Braudel's geographic and material foci to develop a suggestive ecological and environmental perspective.
It boasts their three singles to date and a track rather intriguingly entitled The Bodies of Journalists
Second, and more intriguingly, it could imply that it is in fact we, the viewers, who are inside the Matrix ("through the looking-glass"), unaware that we are looking out.
Students should find this book an intriguingly different perspective on the Italian renaissance.
Like the NYCB Polyphonia (which will enter the SFB repertoire in the 2002-2003 season), Continuum is set to intriguingly colored Ligeti keyboard pieces.
com/Gadgets), "but, intriguingly, none of them show Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple.
Intriguingly, Hexham acknowledged under some prodding from a columnist who shall remain nameless (hi mom