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intimidate someone into something

to threaten or frighten someone into doing something. Do you think you can intimidate me into working for you? We weren't intimidated into doing it.
See also: intimidate

intimidate someone with something

to threaten or frighten someone with something. Please don't try to intimidate me with your silly threats! We hadn't been intimidated with their threats.
See also: intimidate
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They are good looking, not intimidatingly large and can be designed in ways that encourages people to use them," he said.
It was intimidatingly announced that they were to be 'investigated' before all charges were dropped.
For many years, I was one of those poets who feared prose as an intimidatingly alien realm.
Normal law-abiding people can't walk the streets without coming across a gang of hooded teenage mongrels standing intimidatingly on corners.
Thubron, a gifted writer with over a dozen books to his name, has written a vivid account of his journey, often under intimidatingly iffy circumstances, across the full length of the ancient Silk Road, from China to the Mediterranean.
A great mountain plateau rises suddenly and intimidatingly from the Indus Valley like a fortress wall, and behind it row upon brazen row of razor-edged ridges sweep down from the Hindu Kush to fan out across the desert and march inexorably on towards the Arabian Sea and Iran.
The LAUSD might be an intimidatingly huge bureaucracy with a tendency to marginalize community members, but it doesn't always get its way.
He is intimidatingly lean, not a spare ounce on him.
DAVE It's, uh, her, well, you know, tough for guys to strike up small talk with an intimidatingly beautiful girl.
He credits fellow administrators and the monitors - Morgan Quinoz and Johnny Montgomery, both intimidatingly large men who have an obvious rapport with students - with helping nurture a climate in which students feel safe.
A man with his hood pulled around his face stands staring intimidatingly and the woman hurries home.
We may regret the fact that The Nude is absent from the otherwise intimidatingly all-encompassing bibliography of this enormous and remarkable book, but it should be stated at the outset that Clark would have been delighted to see his hero honoured in such impressive and at the same time judicious style.
He was a good listener, but also intimidatingly well-informed'.
Renshon's claim is that Bush's early fecklessness resulted from being "in the shadow" of his intimidatingly accomplished father, an interpretation that Renshon asserts but does not systematically defend.