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intervene between (someone and someone else)

to intercede between someone and someone else. I decided to intervene between Ralph and his brother, who were arguing endlessly. There was no point in intervening between Bill and Bob.
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intervene in something

to get involved in something. I will have to intervene in this matter. It's getting out of hand. I want to intervene in this before it becomes a major problem.
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intervene with someone or something

to step into a matter concerning someone or something. Megan said she would intervene with the bank manager on our behalf. Do I need to intervene with this process?
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In the absence of the Intervenor Program, the individual would be served by the traditional delivery systems available.
Also joining the Alberta First Nations with intervenor status are the Assembly of First Nations and other First Nations from B.
Supplemental information obtained by a consultant -- a mining engineer -- will be made available to the proponents and the intervenors.
In his decision to allow Egale status, Justice Smith thought the organization, unlike other intervenor groups, such as Defenders and Women Against Violence Against Women, "has an unique perspective on the effects of discrimination on the groups and individuals for whom it advocates.
All the intervenor stakeholders in this docket believe that the Commission should exercise 'extreme caution' before reaching a decision on Langley Gulch," explains Peter Richardson, attorney for the Industrial Customers of Idaho Power.
NIRS was the lead intervenor on the foreign ownership issue and on a separate contention also decided today.
The California Department of Insurance intervenor fee payment schedule can be found at the following website: http://www.
The Alberta government, which initially defended its policy to "not permit same-sex adoption," withdrew from the case at the last minute, allowing the judge to throw Out its evidence, thereby cutting off the only other intervenor in support of the government's policy, the Alberta Federation of Women United for Families.
Staff and intervenor filings are due in August, and an MPSC decision is expected in December.
s office--sought a civil injunction on behalf of abortion providers (the clinics have intervenor status) without the input or consent of other duly elected members of the provincial legislature.
Prior to the filing of the CPCN Application for the Vancouver Island Cable, Sea Breeze Victoria had been granted formal Intervenor status in the proceedings of BC Transmission Corporation's application.
3 of the Representation Manual, which provides that once the NMB receives the eligibility list and signature samples from the carrier, an applicant or intervenor has until 4 pm ET to present additional cards.
An application has been submitted by the Britain for an intervenor in a case wherein Zimbabwe is litigating the European Union for imposing illegal sanctions against it, confirmed by the President Mugabe's usual statement that the dispute between Harare and London is bilateral.
Page's husband, Chris Page, is the official intervenor in this case, and the judge wrote that Chris Page has "a large pool of neighbors that pay his costs and attorneys fees.