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intervene between (someone and someone else)

to intercede between someone and someone else. I decided to intervene between Ralph and his brother, who were arguing endlessly. There was no point in intervening between Bill and Bob.
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intervene in something

to get involved in something. I will have to intervene in this matter. It's getting out of hand. I want to intervene in this before it becomes a major problem.
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intervene with someone or something

to step into a matter concerning someone or something. Megan said she would intervene with the bank manager on our behalf. Do I need to intervene with this process?
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References in classic literature ?
It was over two miles, but we did not pause until the harbor was in view, and still we could not see the lake because of the sandstone cliffs which intervened.
But," the Duke intervened, "I did not know--we did not know that you were a sportsman, Prince.
Somerfield hesitated to complete his sentence, and the Duke once more intervened.
Far to the south the sun climbed steadily to meridian, but between it and the frozen Yukon intervened the bulge of the earth.
Between the Klondike River and Salt Water at Dyea intervened six hundred miles of snow-covered wilderness, and in all that distance there were but two places where Daylight might look forward to meeting men.
At the end of a long and disastrous war, when both sides were exhausted and bankrupt, the Bumbo of Jiam intervened in the interest of peace.
They could not all see one another--whole tree-tops intervened.
So short a period of sleep then intervened before early morning rising that my system did not have time to work off the alcohol.
We went over fields, crossed by spidery trails of gray fences, where the withered grasses stuck forlornly up through the snow; we lingered for a time in a group of hill pines, great, majestic tree-creatures, friends of evening stars; and finally struck into the belt of fir and maple which intervened between Carlisle and Baywater.
Hence we may perhaps infer, that during the palaeozoic and secondary periods, neither continents nor continental islands existed where our oceans now extend; for had they existed there, palaeozoic and secondary formations would in all probability have been accumulated from sediment derived from their wear and tear; and would have been at least partially upheaved by the oscillations of level, which we may fairly conclude must have intervened during these enormously long periods.
Hot words were on Bert's tongue, but Saxon intervened and brought about peace.
The suspect started assaulting his father after he intervened as the 32-year-old was assaulting his sister over a dispute.
Only 10% of the students who noticed the abuse intervened directly, either by confronting the bully online or helping the victim.
Mohammad-Ali Jafari (photo), commander of the Pasdaran, sard in a speech recorded late in 2009 that the Pasdaran intervened to stop Mir-Hossain Musavi from winning the 2009 presidential election.
By phoning the prosecutors and stopping the security forces [from making detentions], they intervened in the judicial process.