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intertwine something with something

to mingle or twist something together with something else. She intertwined the flowers with the sprigs of greenery, making a lovely wreath. The flowers were intertwined with sprigs of greenery.

intertwine with something

to twist together with something else. The vines intertwined with the ropes and cables that had once held the beached raft together. The cables from the two cranes intertwined with each other, causing a serious accident.
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The remainder of the novel chronicles the vicissitudes of love between "a man of flesh" and "a woman of spirit" whose lives intertwine and often conflict over the decades while they build a household, develop their life work, struggle with alcoholism, and attempt to raise righteous children.
In the remaining fifteen essays legal analyses of canon and civil disputations concerning marriage (Giuliano Marchetto, "Matrimoni incerti tra dottrina e prassi" and "II 'matrimonium meticulosum'") intertwine with personal accounts that rely on individual court cases.
The work of men, women and children did not intertwine as it had, for instance, in producing cheese.
The video game will build upon the popular elements from the Ghost Rider franchise and intertwine its thrilling action and original, compelling content into a gaming experience fans will love.
While the colors and lines intertwine and seem to pull together from sheer density, the faintly drawn head, partially erased and set apart from the central rectangular composition spills a series of diagrammatic lines out of its mouth echoing one of the two sculptures in the show, Untitled (Nerves) No.
Dueling Dragons - With two separate coasters that intertwine with one another to create a combat-like impression, it's the world's first dueling, inverted roller coaster.
has written his first book, Harlemworld: Doing Race and Class in Contemporary Black America, in which he examines how race and class intertwine and subsequently impact black America in general and Harlem, in particular.
Finally, all four lie down and let their soles nudge, stack, squiggle, and intertwine in a little ballet of their own.
To get the degree of light-bending needed, it's necessary to intertwine two different polymers in the same lens.
infants annually, the retinopathy is caused by abnormal branching of blood vessels in the underdeveloped eye that intertwine and prevent normal vessel growth throughout the retina, which lines the eye's interior.
A pair of dancers intertwine and partnering is pushed to its limit so that their bodies become a primeval tangle.
Certifications were obtained in Point of Sale and eServer (iSeries, pSeries and Storage) platforms along with various e-business applications such as Enterprise Collaboration, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and IBM's Websphere integration middleware which intertwines all of this together.