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intern someone in something

to detain or imprison a person in something. The government interned the enemy prisoners in the camps for a few months. He was interned in a prison camp during the war.
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It's partly a culture of intern trying to impress," said the former intern.
According to Jennifer Shewmake, former intern with a prominent privately held business and a large public accounting firm, "The single most important best practice for establishing and sustaining a high-quality internship program is to treat interns as entry-level employees, not interns.
This agreement should state that the intern or volunteer is not an employee and is not being offered a wage as compensation.
Even if you come to the conclusion that the internship should continue as unpaid, your business should somehow compensate the intern for the work.
Focusing on"what the intern receives in exchange for his work," the judges completely ignore the significant benefits that employers derive from their interns.
Interns throughout the Country, submit video introductions which are reviewed by TLAPR representatives who choose the best candidates for the pre-selection process.
Interns are recruited with the support of the human resources office and serve for six-month periods, based on the Foreign National Student Intern Program Guidance from the Bureau of Human Resource's Office of Overseas Employment.
The value proposition of Intern Werks is its ability to connect SMBs with the same network of talent accessible to large firms, which often deploy on-campus recruiting programs -- an impossible expense for the majority of the nation's small businesses.
Early exposure to what it might be like to have a career in public accounting and what areas might best suit an intern are invaluable, believes Badrtalei.
Have an informative orientation or interview with the potential intern
Although not fail-safe, finding an intern through an educational institution that offers credit and oversight is also advisable, he adds.
In what could be the first-ever unpaid-internship lawsuit filed on behalf of aspiring attorneys, a New York City law firm is being accused of acting as an intern mill amid the ongoing debate over the legality of unpaid internships.
In this part, intern schools provide post information and platform for interns choosing a post so that both schools and interns have a bilateral choosing chance.
She added: "My current intern is a really hard-working young man and I have no intention of ruining his internship or future A NUMBER of North East MPs have cut links to a Christian charity that critics claim sponsored a conference promoting the idea that gay people can be converted to heterosexuality.