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intermarry with someone

[for members of a group] to marry into another group, race, or clan. Our people don't intermarry with people of that clan. They do not intermarry with other groups on purpose.
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If less-career-oriented Asians decide to intermarry, their labor market returns will be lower.
The lower panel of Table 4 pertaining to contextual variables shows, as expected, higher proportions intermarried in the urban and most diversified milieus despite the fact that at the time of marriage many couples recorded in the census in an urban milieu may have been living in a rural milieu when choosing a spouse, suggesting that if not misallocated the propensity to intermarry would have been even larger.
However, men of Middle Eastern ancestries are more likely to intermarry than women of these ancestries, while the opposite pattern is observed for men and women of East and Southeast Asian ancestries.
Several generations ago, Jews did not intermarry, yes out of conviction, but largely because of the non-Jewish family's reluctance in having a Jewish son- or daughter-in-law.
Various post-modern distancing techniques intermarry old and new footage, bringing a changed perspective to past events.
First generation Italian workers settled in cities where they were more liable to find industrial jobs, to open small businesses and to intermarry with the French.
Racially, the world will continue to intermarry, and color, like sound, is more a matter of wavelengths than essence.
nor of making voters or jurors of them or qualifying them to hold office, nor to have them intermarry with White people .
The Herberts were the most ambitious crowd of Morgans, who wanted to intermarry with everyone.
One will occasionally hear people say Jews should not intermarry lest they "give Hitler a posthumous victory" (Emil Fackenheim's famous quote), but this assertion is considered by some to be deeply offensive because it effectively equates intermarriage with mass murder.
Lese and Efe communities trade, intermarry, form family partnerships, and otherwise interact closely.
A CENTURY AGO, THE BLACK writer Charles Chesnutt predicted confidently that in 100 years there would be no more "race problem," because blacks would intermarry with whites and disappear as a separate race.
Today, the small number of Zoroastrians (150,000 persons) creates substantive obstacles to finding a suitable mate, particularly considering that Iranians and Parsis generally prefer not to intermarry among each other because of linguistic and cultural differences.
in The Leopard's Spots (1902): "You can never get solidarity in a nation of equal rights out of two hostile races that do not intermarry.
Rikio Kishimoto, chair of the All-Japan Patriots Conference, insists that, among other things, Japanese should not intermarry with Westerners.