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intermarry with someone

[for members of a group] to marry into another group, race, or clan. Our people don't intermarry with people of that clan. They do not intermarry with other groups on purpose.
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The lower panel of Table 4 pertaining to contextual variables shows, as expected, higher proportions intermarried in the urban and most diversified milieus despite the fact that at the time of marriage many couples recorded in the census in an urban milieu may have been living in a rural milieu when choosing a spouse, suggesting that if not misallocated the propensity to intermarry would have been even larger.
However, men of Middle Eastern ancestries are more likely to intermarry than women of these ancestries, while the opposite pattern is observed for men and women of East and Southeast Asian ancestries.
For the most part, Catholics and other Christians now work together, intermarry, pray together, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in struggles for justice, with denominational distinctions basically irrelevant.
Several generations ago, Jews did not intermarry, yes out of conviction, but largely because of the non-Jewish family's reluctance in having a Jewish son- or daughter-in-law.
Racially, the world will continue to intermarry, and color, like sound, is more a matter of wavelengths than essence.
nor of making voters or jurors of them or qualifying them to hold office, nor to have them intermarry with White people .
The Herberts were the most ambitious crowd of Morgans, who wanted to intermarry with everyone.
When the mission was under construction, many of the Acjachemen Indian neophytes would intermarry with the Mexican laborers coming up to work on the church," says Forster.
Despite the fact that all religious norms and state laws of Israel allow adults to intermarry, social values require that the consent of the guardian or parents be won; otherwise until the marriage plans are followed through, a couple that has not won their consent, will find themselves looked down upon by all.
She points out that desegregation created the opportunity and the means for people to intermarry, and that the increasing independence of women in recent times has permitted them to marry whom they choose.
Above the Peals would be the Villanuccis, the Italian American neighbors of the MacTeers who, while not in the main class of citiz ens because of their own foreignness and darker skin, can intermarry and "creep" more inconspicuously into the "folds of the garment.
One will occasionally hear people say Jews should not intermarry lest they "give Hitler a posthumous victory" (Emil Fackenheim's famous quote), but this assertion is considered by some to be deeply offensive because it effectively equates intermarriage with mass murder.
There are other odd remarks as well, like the assertion that Greeks and Egyptians did not intermarry much, and the extreme caricature of Ptolemy IV as
Lese and Efe communities trade, intermarry, form family partnerships, and otherwise interact closely.
Adulation and nostalgia often intermarry when racing people look back on the lighthouse-beacon horses of their lifetimes-thus you can almost carbon-date those enthusiasts whose pulses were quickened by Ribot, Sea- Bird, Nijinsky, Mill Reef or the Brigadier.