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interlace something with something

to weave something into something else. I will interlace some silver thread with the white yarn. The manufacturer had interlaced a silver thread into the yarn.
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24-60) [34] Most intriguing, from the perspective of this study, is that while the narrative interlace of the stories of the Orco, Lucina, and Norandino with those of Grifone and Orrigille, as well as of the monstrous Orrilo, is already in place in the Innamorato, what we do not find there are the topically historical interpolations, nor the further juxtaposition of these tales with the siege of Paris.
The MetroWest Free Medical Program is hoping other healthcare organizations will take note of Interlace Medical's commitment to help elevate some of the healthcare issues many families are facing locally.
Interlace and L&T Infotech are both partners of integration software provider webMethods, Inc.
CONTACT: Beth Smith or Marty Simon, both for Interlace Corporation, +1-215-453-8700
Editor's Note: As part of the growing business integration market segment, Interlace Corporation connects client companies and their trading suppliers, partners and customers directly and securely via the web.
In cases where a business integration framework exists, Interlace can work with internal resources to scale up the number of integrations in a short period of time, building on the existing framework, rather than starting from scratch.
These cameras and VTR demonstrate our commitment to a future of progressive scan DTV, while also fully protecting the huge established universe of interlace HD and SD," he said, adding that Sony continues with longer-term development plans to extend to a full 1080/60P system in the future.
Yaron Inbar, President and CEO, Interlace Corporation added that "Interlace's B2B hosting capabilities coupled with Scandent Solution's B2B integration services dramatically reduce both the time and money a company must invest upfront before business benefits are realized.
In addition, and essential to the expansion of Elrond's council in the film, it is when Galadriel learns much that later causes her, in the film's most effective and crucial moment of interlace, to counsel Elrond in his final decision about the involvement of the Elves in the coming battle (TT scene 38).
The Interlace acquisition gives Hologic a minimally-invasive treatment option for uterine fibroids and polyps," said Dr.
The combination of Interlace Systems' technology and Oracle's leading Enterprise Performance Management System is expected to provide a common perspective across financial and strategic operational planning through an integrated business-planning framework.
The system gives all technical and non-technical district staff access to multiple data sources at the school and district levels through one interlace, which lets teachers, principals and administrators make decisions based on key data.
New computers and updated test interlace modules ensure that machine calibration and specific results are accurate.
June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Interlace Corporation (formerly PanamaTech), a leading supplier of business integration services, and ProActivity, provider of next-generation Enterprise Business Process Analysis solutions, have expanded their agreement to provide enhanced service offerings for defining and implementing turnkey collaborative commerce processes.
He does not use the term, but his approach conforms to Fein's identification of pictorial interlace.