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interject someone into something

to force someone into something, usually into someone else's business. I am going to have to interject Fred into this matter before it gets out of hand. I hate to interject myself into your affairs, but I have something to say.

interject something into something

to volunteer information or a comment into a conversation. We can always count on Liz to interject something sensible into our discussions. At last, something sensible has been interjected into our discussions.
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It would be presumptuous for a mayor of a city to interject himself into foreign affairs with a visiting head of state, he said.
The program also allows company executives to interject with their own messages to encourage the competition.
In the chamber music setting, because it's less people involved, you have more ability for everyone to interject their opinion and .
Ever the prepared pedagogue, I was ready with my comment (good for any topic): at the appropriate moment I would interject, "You can't look to others for self-esteem, you have to find it within
I'd like to interject that anyone can come into our Ionic-Breeze treated basement after my husband holds his monthly cigars-and-poker night, and you'll be convinced to buy one.
Security Innovation's methodology is designed to interject tangible, qualitative data into the debate," said Charles Kolodgy, research director of Security Products at IDC.
PhoneBites is a San Francisco-based mobile entertainment and technology company whose core product, the RAZZ, lets subscribers interject sound bites into live telephone conversations, outgoing messages, voicemails and photo messages.
It is troubling that a number of Justices may want to interject the judiciary into military operations and usurp the President's constitutional authority in matters of war," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, who attended oral arguments today.
Marketers can also spontaneously interject questions as the session progresses, allowing clients to gain additional consumer insights.
As a partner, Greg helps determine Olympus investment strategies and will interject our investors' perspectives.
What a small word, but boy can it pack a punch All seems fine but then, in it comes for the crunch A God-send it can be, when in ignorant bliss Someone interjects with, "but what about this" I was so creative at working problems that needed to be solved But now, the 'but it won't work' means I just don't get involved 'But' has its place, but its use needs to be given some thought The consequences of words we use, is what we need to be taught So as the sun shines and there's a 'but' about rain the next day Just say, "but I only live for the moment and the morrow can go away" Di Tinker, Gorve Lane, Keresley.
A nutty professor occasionally interjects to remind you that you're playing with prototype puzzler technology, but be under no illusion that this a super-polished and hyper-addictive challenge that can only get better as more and more levels are released.
Ah but, The Fly on the Wall interjects, don't throw away the headline; it might come in useful one day soon.