in the interim

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in the interim

In the time before something happens; in the meantime. We're in the process of hiring a new social media director, but in the interim we'll have to make do with our current staff.

in the interim (between things)

in the meantime; in the time between the ending of something and the beginning of something else. In the interim between her morning and afternoon classes, Susan rushed home to get a book she had forgotten. My favorite show starts in five minutes, but I'll talk to you in the interim.

in the interim

In the meantime, as in Arthur's in Israel, so in the interim Judy will handle their business. [ Second half of 1500s]

in the ˈinterim

during the period of time between two events; until a particular event happens: Despite everything that happened in the interim, they remained good friends.Her new job does not start until May and she will continue in the old job in the interim.
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Fingal, Knox; Half-time minister; Interim Moderator Rev.
Hristo Ivanov -- Interim Deputy Prime Minister of Justice, Home Affairs and Security and Minister of Justice;
Information meetings will be scheduled for all new programs, and dates will be posted on the Interim University Center's Web site at www.
Also, some hospital administrations and medical staff leaders may be reluctant to trust an interim in a politically sensitive role.
The rules are being issued as interim final rules to allow for public comment on their expanded scope.
As for the interim role, Doll likes the fact that he brings a "fresh set of eyes" to each placement.
Significant transactions occurring in the last several days of the interim period; and
The range of situations in which an interim is the right solution has increased along with the complexity of organisations and the rate of change in business.
Iraq's Governing Council recently approved an interim constitution that is partly modeled after the U.
Bibeault is probably the most common type of interim CEO, a "Ming the Merciless" class of executive.
Please understand, however, that these are only my tentative thoughts on the Interim Agreement.
The two new Eds, E57, Interim Financial Reporting, and E58, Discontinuing Operations, are expected to be finalized by spring 1998, according to IASC Project Manager Paul Pacter.
378 to the Provider Reimbursement Manual has clarified the process by which skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can request interim exceptions to the routine cost limit.
The Interim Security Clearance Most large programs experience a combination of change and consistency over the years.
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