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interfere in something

to meddle in something; to become involved in someone else's business. Don't interfere in my business! Are you interfering in this matter again?
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interfere with someone or something

to meddle with something or someone's affairs. Please do not interfere with us. Are you interfering with my project?
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interfere with

1. To serve as a hindrance or obstacle to something: Don't let football practice interfere with your schoolwork.
2. To tamper with something: Someone interfered with the alarm system, and now it's broken.
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Arum has said all along that when Golden Boy signed Pacquiao to a deal in late September, it had interfered with the one-fight contract Pacquiao had signed with him for the Morales fight.
The ball definitely was interfered with,'' said Strawberry.
Garcia, who did not think Maier interfered with Tarasco, said he thought the ball was leaving the stadium and that the right fielder did not have a chance to snare it.
In its efforts to enact intellectual property protections, Congress has interfered with scientific pursuits and denied the public of important knowledge about flaws in technology.
based company first filed the suite which alleged that the healthcare giant tortiously interfered with its contracts by using pressure tactics and its vast economic clout to steal away a client.
tortiously interfered with an exclusive distribution contract between Spotlite Communications and Blackstone, to distribute pre-paid long distance phone cards featuring top music industry celebrities, including Ricky Martin, Santana, and Christina Aguilera.
By launching this product, 9278 Communications deliberately interfered with the contractual relationship between Blackstone and Spotlite Communications.
The suit also alleges CSFB breached its fiduciary duty as lead underwriter and financial advisor to RDO, intentionally and improperly interfered and conspired to interfere with RDO's prospective business relationships, conspired with John Deere Construction Equipment Company and Nortrax, L.
had intentionally and unjustifiably interfered with Americare Biologicals' trade secrets and its business relationship with its distributor.
Also, attrited samples are more difficult to analyze and surprising amounts of stainless steel abraded from the equipment interfered with nickel sulfide collection.
The suit alleges that the defendants have violated the Sherman Antitrust Act, tortuously interfered with Mirage's prospective economic advantage and induced a breach of fiduciary duties by one of Mirage's executives.
Sought a judgment that the UFCW International Union wrongfully interfered with labor agreements between Albertson's and UFCW Local Unions and caused the locals to breach their contracts with Albertson's;
Further loss of income occurred when American intentionally interfered with the existing business relationships between First Class International and its clients.
In its complaint, Hyde alleges, among other things, that Jones violated her contract with Hyde by accepting an offer and entering into an agreement with Reebok related to athletic footwear without honoring Hyde's contractual right to match such an offer, and that Reebok improperly interfered with Hyde's contract by entering into its agreement with Jones.
The lawsuit alleges that Network USA and A+, with full knowledge of the terms and conditions of the letter of intent between ProNet and Contact, as buyers, and Page East and Spruill, as sellers, maliciously interfered with existing contracts and with prospective business relationships with Page East, Spruill and the customers of Page East.