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interfere in something

to meddle in something; to become involved in someone else's business. Don't interfere in my business! Are you interfering in this matter again?
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interfere with someone or something

to meddle with something or someone's affairs. Please do not interfere with us. Are you interfering with my project?
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interfere with

1. To serve as a hindrance or obstacle to something: Don't let football practice interfere with your schoolwork.
2. To tamper with something: Someone interfered with the alarm system, and now it's broken.
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In addition, if there are chemicals in the environment that directly interfere with TH action on their receptors but do not affect TH levels in the blood, they cannot be identified as thyroid toxicants by the current screening methods.
Students said getting out of school later would interfere with jobs as well as with sports and other extracurricular activities.
Margarines containing stanol esters, which also interfere with cholesterol absorption, are already approved for sale in the United States.
The satellites' signals seriously interfere with astronomers' observations in a protected radio band at about 1612 megahertz (MHz).
Often, strong unwanted transmissions interfere with reception by a wireless device.
Pollsters said students fear that staying later at school would interfere with sports activities and homework.
In the portrait of the electron waves that emerged, the team found fluctuations like those observed when overlapping light waves interfere with each other--their crests and troughs adding and canceling.
Moritz further argued that public dollars cannot be given to a private party, that the supervisors have no control over how the money will be spent, that initiatives cannot interfere with financial decisions of a county, and that the initiative poses a danger to the local budget process.
Levy of Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, who also studies ways to interfere with bacterial resistance mechanisms.
Authentium's solution is based on the company's trusted security extensions toolkit, which watches web-based interactions and can monitor attempts to interfere with those interactions.
It suggests that some cellular telephones can interfere with the device, which emits an electric signal to keep the heartbeat on track.
The FDA-cleared foam cushion is made of a radiolucent material that does not interfere with image quality.
The discovery also strengthens the hypothesis that drugs which interfere with the interaction between HIV and CC-CKR-5 can safely slow the spread of the virus in infected individuals.
This is a crucial time in my career - going from child to adult actor - and I can't allow anything to interfere.
Agris and his colleagues at North Carolina State University in Raleigh have successfully modified a small strand of DNA to mimic and interfere with a vital cog in the machinery that bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells use to make proteins.