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interface someone or something with someone or something

to bring about a complex connection of people and things, in any combination. (Originally having to do with computers.) Let's interface Walter with the staff from the main office. I want to interface my data with Sam, who has some relevant statistics from prior years.

interface with someone or something

to develop a connection or interaction with someone or something. Call Walter and set up a meeting so we can interface with him. This computer is meant to interface with as many as five others just like it.
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Najjar (1998), in discussing educational multimedia user interface design, makes it clear that the guidelines were almost entirely based upon the opinions of (adult) experts rather than on the results of empirical research.
SEMCI isn't dead--it's just changing," said Doug Johnston, executive vice president, WARP interface services for Applied Systems.
The first thing that should be determined is the interface attachment of the host to the Serial ATA controller.
Of the projects like this I have seen, the IBS interface falls into the top tier," noted Jeff Wells, executive vice president of Argus Financial Software, which owns DYNA.
The Interface Christmas card is a tradition that started 13 years ago as a simple fund-raiser that sponsors wanted to make more meaningful, Rutter said.
Figure 5A shows the shear stress of a three-layer coextrusion, with the dotted lines indicating the interface positions.
IDC recently revealed its new forecast for worldwide adoption of thirty one interfaces and technologies shipping in desktop and mobile PCs through 2010.
It is also clear that text entry using the keypad has been Handset Input Interface Methods and Technologies: 2007- 2011 optimised more towards languages based on the Latin alphabet, and is not ideally suited for logographic languages like Chinese and Japanese.
The BeBoB platform combines BridgeCo's proprietary dual-core, ARM-based and DSP-enhanced DM1500E or DM1100E processor, and all of the required software to build a complete FireWire audio interface product.
Faster PCMCIA ATA Memory modes have also been added and can provide interface transfer rates up to 133MB/sec.
eSilicon will offer a portfolio of DDR2 interfaces which integrate the company's proven Physical Interface (PHY) technology with solutions from its wide range of intellectual property (IP) partners, enabling end-to-end DDR2 memory interfaces that are optimized for specific applications.
IntelliShip is among the leading solutions for shipbuilding design and manufacturing, so creating an interface to our assessment applications is a strategic decision that will drive efficiency and create value for users of both organizations' software applications.
Being involved in the trial of a new interface was exciting for us, but the hybrid brings a new meaning to Full Face Interface options.
The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance today announced the release of its Display Serial Interface (DSI) Specification.
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