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cut a figure

To convey a particular image. An adjective is often used between "a" and "figure." As the dog ran around while covered in a blanket, he cut a funny figure that entertained the kids.
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*in an interesting condition

Euph. pregnant. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Young Mrs. Lutin is in an interesting condition. The bride appeared to be in an interesting condition.

cut a — figure

present yourself or appear in a particular way.
1994 Vanity Fair David has cut a dashing figure on the international social scene.
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in an interesting condition

pregnant. dated euphemistic
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Interestingly, about one in seven respondents indicated that Jerusalem was the holiest city of Islam.
Interestingly, analysts have found that the flows of money are counter-cyclical, that is, when the economy weakens, remittances increase.
Interestingly, where the planes align there is a conspicuous break in surface that looks like an incision and stands out with a curious stridency, as though existing independently of the bleak atmosphere surrounding it.
Interestingly, he referred to the EU--rather than any of its constituent nations--as "a strong partner" in the trans-Atlantic alliance with the United States.
Interestingly, the problem appears to be greatest in community colleges, which are currently being inundated with new students across the country.
This book includes a wealth of illustrations, many from original manuscripts juxtaposed interestingly with contemporary designs and existing landscapes.
Research and development in the cancer vaccine field is dominated by its top 10 players, interestingly not including any of the big pharma companies per se.
Interestingly, all of the works generally considered to be the "highest" forms of music-- the compositions of Bach and Handel, and other great oratorios like Mendelssohn's Elijah, make little if any use of percussion instruments.
Interestingly, Eigen Wine Shop, which will now occupy 500 SF of space in the property, is operated by Michael Eigen of the prominent Eigen Jewelers.
The tales are divided interestingly into categories by location, including tales that take place in mountains, forests, and swamps, on the beach, the farm, the plains, and in exotic locales.
Interestingly, the impacts on the environment are very similar for the manufacture of solar cells.
Interestingly, the Globe writer doesn't bother to tell his readers that the U.
Interestingly, almost all have returned to viability through a change in format.
Interestingly, timber is excluded as it consumes trees and timber-framed buildings have poor thermal performance compared with adobe, straw-bale etc.
But the adventure is exciting, if not always fast moving, and the life of a shaman is interestingly drawn.