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cut a figure

To convey a particular image. An adjective is often used between "a" and "figure." As the dog ran around while covered in a blanket, he cut a funny figure that entertained the kids.
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in an interesting condition

euphemism Pregnant. A: "Is it true that Stan's daughter is in an interesting condition?" B: "Yes, she's due at the end of the summer."

*in an interesting condition

Euph. pregnant. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Young Mrs. Lutin is in an interesting condition. The bride appeared to be in an interesting condition.

cut a — figure

present yourself or appear in a particular way.
1994 Vanity Fair David has cut a dashing figure on the international social scene.
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in an interesting condition

pregnant. dated euphemistic
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Interestingly, only two respondents said that the mainstream Islamic religion was different than the Islamic extremists.
Interestingly, between 1995-2000, Croatia itself dedicated a significant level of resources to professionalizing and modernizing its military.
Interestingly, our patient also had a concomitant carcinoma in the same vocal fold, which is most unusual.
Interestingly, the Australian-produced Kylie pads that were starting to make market inroads a few years back are no longer generally available in this country, in favor of the American-made Patient Guard.
Interestingly, only a simple majority (one vote over half) is required in both chambers to block the rule.
Interestingly, the latter approach, which had the highest effectiveness rating--3.
At the elevator, residents can swipe a card or, interestingly, tap their finger on a biometric scanner to gain access.
Interestingly, says Simon, white people and high-income individuals showed the strongest link between obesity and psychiatric disorders, even though those two groups generally have a low rate of obesity.
I listened to this audio just as Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and, interestingly, this book alludes to the fact that New Orleans was living in the shadow of the "big one.
Interestingly, many said, public image isn't really the big idea; they're more interested in getting their employees excited about coming to work everyday.
Interestingly, among those opposing the proposed amendment is California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein--who almost certainly has Arnold on her mind, as well.
Sage's interestingly textured "What If," coupled with her unusual vocals, elevates her above the sensitive-girl pack, while sensitive-boy Douglass's harmony-rich ballad "Hard" is the sweetest, most moving track on the entire disc.
INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, LESLIE SCANLON'S ARTICLE ("HOW to draw kids into Mass," August) began with Jesus and the little children, but children are not invited to the table to participate in the Eucharist.
Fix all this homage to flesh and spirit into gorgeous Cibachrome, impressively sized and interestingly cropped, splash it across the walls--and who wouldn't be seduced?