interchange with

interchange (someone) with (someone else)

to exchange one person for another. I interchanged Sally with Roger for the honor of being first speaker. Roger has been interchanged with Sally.

interchange something with something

to exchange one thing for another. Please interchange the orange one with the purple one. The orange one has been interchanged with the red one.
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They are Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway Interchange with the entrance to Mondaliza Factory in Hidd Industrial Area, Avenue 22 Interchange with Road 2407 in Juffair, Al Farooq Interchange in Manama and the Refinery Avenue Interchange with the entrance to Bapco in Ma'ameer Industrial Area.
The developed intersections includes Hunainiya Interchange with Road No.
Valley legislators have asked for $500,000 to supplement a federal study of the freeway, which would include its interchange with the 134 and the 170.
Lumping improvements for the 101-405 interchange with a group of other projects will delay any action for a year, Knox said.
Currently, we're testing Cyclone Interchange with Bergen Brunswig and plan to go live in the next few weeks.
The plans are to create a new lane on the northbound San Diego Freeway from Mulholland Drive toward the interchange with the Ventura Freeway.
State and local transportation officials Tuesday announced that $7 million to $10 million is available to construct new lanes on the northbound San Diego (405) Freeway to help unsnarl congestion at the interchange with the Ventura (101) freeway.
Furthermore, with COM support, users can more easily integrate Cyclone Interchange with their Windows-based applications, while IBM MQSeries support offers users additional transport, internal integration and messaging options.
I-5 has been rebuilt from Highway 55 to the interchange with highways 22 and 57.
By combining the security of the Cyclone Interchange with the flexibility and reliability of the viaLink Item Catalog, Schnucks is able to communicate with its EDI trading partners in the supply chain more effectively.
Interchange with other carriers is permitted at El Paso and Hutchinson, as well as at Vaughn, New Mex.
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