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interchange (someone) with (someone else)

to exchange one person for another. I interchanged Sally with Roger for the honor of being first speaker. Roger has been interchanged with Sally.

interchange something with something

to exchange one thing for another. Please interchange the orange one with the purple one. The orange one has been interchanged with the red one.
References in classic literature ?
This third interchange of the Christian name was completed at the moment when Madame Defarge put her toothpick by, kept her eyebrows up, and slightly rustled in her seat.
There was a limit to the interchange of ideas which could take place between these two, and so Tarzan could not be sure that Sheeta understood all that he attempted to communicate to him.
As to the marriages of men and women, even the mere interchange of consent which, as you have just heard, makes them man and wife, is not required to be directly proved: it may be proved by inference.
A state of the law which allows the interchange of matrimonial consent to be proved by inference leaves a wide door open to conjecture.
One set regarded her disc as a polished mirror, by means of which people could see each other from different points of the earth and interchange their thoughts.
They were telling each other, with a confidential interchange of ideas, where they had been during the day.
But the best, in my opinion, was the home life in the little flat-- the ardent, voluble chats after the day's study; the cozy dinners and fresh, light breakfasts; the interchange of ambitions--ambitions interwoven each with the other's or else inconsiderable--the mutual help and inspiration; and--overlook my artlessness--stuffed olives and cheese sandwiches at 11 p.
Samuel Weller's hat on one side of his head, and bearing, in one hand, a most enormous sandwich, while, in the other, he supported a goodly-sized case-bottle, to both of which he applied himself with intense relish, varying the monotony of the occupation by an occasional howl, or the interchange of some lively badinage with any passing stranger.
Drago said the agency, now working under Davis, is willing to take a fresh look at the interchange.
On January 17, 2006, Interchange Financial Services Corporation (NASDAQ:IFCJ), the holding company for Interchange Bank, declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.
NOW that we have Caltrans' attention on the 101-405 interchange, it's time to convince the bureaucrats to focus on another horrendous traffic problem - Detour Junction, as a Daily News story dubbed it - the 134-5 interchange.
I would like to congratulate our team for delivering this outstanding result," said Heath Clarke, Interchange CEO.
Since the interchange opened in 1967, pass-through traffic grew 109 percent to an average of 441,000 cars and trucks a day - making it the 16th-busiest freeway connection in the state.
Interchange Bank (NASDAQ:IFCJ), a commercially focused community bank, received the U.
Like a car inching forward in rush-hour traffic, a proposal to ease chronic gridlock on the 101-405 freeway interchange moved one step closer to certainty Thursday.