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intercede (for someone) (with someone or something)

to intervene on behalf of someone with someone or a group; to plead someone's case with someone or a group. I will intercede for Charlotte with the council. Tom interceded with Fred for Sharon, who was too shy to speak for herself.
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Diante disso, é no mínimo ingênuo reivindicar a possibilidade de interceder teórica ou praticamente pelo retorno dos objetos à vida.
Even Mohammed had attributes which come competitively close to divine, considering his reported, temporary ascension (mi'raj) into heaven at one point during his ministry, t o learn the correct form of prayer for mankind, and his role ever since as an interceder.
Al Ismaily a vite faite fait alors de saisir les parties concernees (ministere des Sports et la Federation egyptienne) pour interceder.
Drawing on pre-war roles as "mediators, interceders, and negotiators" and "makers of rules for the family" (African Women and Peace Support Group, 2004:7), women threw themselves into lobbying everyone from young boys with guns to neighboring heads of state.
Often faster than going to court, ADR programs use objective interceders to solve sticky workplace conflicts.