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intercede (for someone) (with someone or something)

to intervene on behalf of someone with someone or a group; to plead someone's case with someone or a group. I will intercede for Charlotte with the council. Tom interceded with Fred for Sharon, who was too shy to speak for herself.
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In the next part, "At Siena," which takes place in the summer of 1633, Archbishop Piccolomini, who admired Galileo and endorsed the Dialogue, interceded for him.
Conservative Party chairman Michael Ancram yesterday interceded to support a pro-euro Tory MP facing the threat of deselection over his views on Europe and the single currency.
When the Hudson's Bay Company, knowledgeable in the ways of the Native peoples after centuries of trade, transferred sover-eignty over the territories to the Canadian government, it was the Oblates who interceded on behalf of the Dene with a far-removed bureaucracy.
First lady Hillary Clinton also interceded on her behalf.
One theory claims that Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) interceded with him when her convents needed more land and that she encouraged her nuns to bury Saint Joseph medals in the ground.
Kowats, a white female over 40 who witnessed the "Toby" episode and whose responsibilities included handling discrimination issues in the workplace, interceded for Coleman.
For example, four years ago Coleman interceded on behalf of a 13-acre site scheduled for home development.
The captain allegedly interceded on the motorist's behalf and intimidated the deputy,'' Gennaco wrote.