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slang Serious or severe, perhaps to an overwhelming degree. That war movie was way too intense—I had to turn it off. Whoa, that accident sounds intense! Are you OK?

crash course (in something)

a short and intense training course in something. I took a crash course in ballroom dancing so we wouldn't look stupid on the dance floor.
See also: course, crash

crash course

A short, intensive training course, as in Daisy planned to take a crash course in cooking before she got married. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
See also: course, crash


mod. serious; heavy. Oh, wow! Now that’s what I call intense!
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The intense laboratory control is applied to the establishments, producing products not complying with the veterinary and sanitary requirements and the safety standards.
It was intense in that no-one wanted to give any ground.
27 May 2015 - US-based electrical building systems maker Leviton has acquired US-based LED luminaires manufacturer Intense Lighting, LLC, the company said on Wednesday.
X-class denotes the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength.
3 flare, just slightly weaker than the most intense flares, which are labeled X-class.
Enterprise Customer Lifecycle Management Software Product Development Company Intense Technologies (www.
ISLAMABAD -- The intense low pressure of sui gas in sector F-6 is creating immense problems and agitation among the residents of the area and they have threaten to stage protest demonstration against the situation.
60) Intense, intense, d'un intense tel qu'il en est devenu
The entry level Double Cab Intense was EUR31,995, it is now EUR26,995.
Key stat Intense Focus is forecast to start at odds-on (4-5) and four of the last five horses who started at shorter than evens in this race were successful
3 : having very strong feelings <an intense person>
Families that had intense conflicts felt it was beneficial.
It helps to see a counselor who specializes in eating issues, and a nutritionist who can create a balanced menu based on your own tastes, so you won't suffer those intense feelings of deprivation.
Processors of acid red berries can now achieve a high juice yield and stable colour in one easy step thanks to the launch of Rapidase[R] Intense from DSM Food Specialities.