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intend something as something

to mean something to serve as something. We intend this money as a gift. Do not even think about paying it back. This money is intended as a gift.
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intend something for someone or something

to mean for someone or something to get something. I intended this one for you. I'm sorry I failed to give it to you in time. Aunt Em intended this cake for the county fair, but you can have it instead.
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References in classic literature ?
Nor do I intend to let the Baron off," I continued calmly, but with not a little discomfiture at De Griers' merriment.
I did not intend to deride the wonderful discoveries which you have made, but it is only natural that we should both realize that Number One is not beautiful.
The Prince had by now regained some of his former assurance, and, finding that De Vac seemed not to intend harming him, the little fellow commenced questioning his grim companion, his childish wonder at this strange adventure getting the better of his former apprehension.
But I do not intend to forget these Schlegels in a hurry.
The Company intends to use the proceeds of this sale to purchase and improve the property in Decatur, Alabama.
Holders that seek to make QEF elections with respect to the Company, TAC and TIWC, the Company intends to post PFIC Annual Information Statements for the tax year ended December 31, 2005 for each company at www.
However, under a revised transaction Crystal successfully concluded the purchase of the brand and intends to re-launch it as an online travel provider.
Generally, relief is available under that procedure when (1) a corporation intends to be an S corporation; (2) the corporation and its shareholders reported their income consistent with S status for the tax year the S election should have been made and for every subsequent year; and (3) the corporation did not receive IRS notice about any problem with S status within six months of the date on which Form 1120S for the first year was timely filed.
The President intends to appoint Joan Breton Connelly of New York (Archaeology), for the remainder of a three-year term expiring April 4, 2003, and an additional term expiring April 4, 2006.
Under this rule, established by a federal court in 1968, an accountant who audits or prepares financial information for a client owes a duty not only to that client but also to any other person or one of a group of persons whom the accountant or client intends the reformation to benefit, if both of the following conditions are met:
Medical Properties Trust intends to use approximately $91 million of the net proceeds received from its sale of shares to fund the recently-announced financing transactions with affiliates of Prime Healthcare Services, Inc.
Under the Restatement test, liability is limited to loss suffered (1) by the person or one of a limited group of people for whose benefit and guidance the accountant intends to supply information or knows the recipient intends to supply it and (2) through reliance on such information in a transaction that the accountant intends the information to influence or knows that the recipient so intends, or in a substantially similar transaction.
The fundamental flaw in the DOL's position is that it would condition the fair market value (FMV) determination on the means by which the purchaser intends to pay the purchase price.
Nasdaq:CPTS), announced today that it intends to offer, subject to market and other conditions, an aggregate of $75,000,000 of Convertible Senior Notes due 2027.
Loss suffered by the person or one of a limited group of persons for whose benefit and guidance the accountant intends to supply information or knows the recipient intends to supply it.