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insure against something

to guard or protect against something. You must insure against theft and fire. I will insure against all risks.
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insure someone or something (against something) (for something)

to provide insurance for someone or something against certain perils up to a certain amount of money. I insured my wife against accidental death for $100,000. We insured the car for its current value against all losses.

insure someone or something with something

to provide insurance for someone or something from a specific company. I insured Amy with a fine old insurance company. We insured the car with Acme Insurance in Adamsville.
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The California Supreme Court held that under a literal reading of the excess/umbrella liability policies at issue, the wording of the insuring agreement was broad enough to include coverage for environmental cleanup and response costs ordered by an administrative agency.
The vast majority of Fortune 2000 firms use some form of self-insurance, accruing a reserve of funds for potential physical, financial, property or employee losses on lieu of purchasing a policy from companies in the business of insuring these types of losses.
1) Insuring, guaranteeing, or indemnifying against loss, harm, damage, illness, disability or death (except to the extent permitted under applicable state law and section 302 or 303(c) of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (15 U.
When insuring commercial buildings and equipment, the most important element is setting the proper value or limit of insurance.
In a move that will help thousands more families become homeowners each year, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo has announced that HUD has begun insuring larger home mortgage loans across the country - up to nearly $220,000 in some area for single-family homes.
In Letter Ruling 9511046,(36) an S corporation jointly owned by a husband and wife entered into an SDLI arrangement with the husband's irrevocable life insurance trust to purchase a second-to-die (survivorship) whole life contract insuring the couple.
MBIA has been an active participant in the Mexican capital markets since 1994 insuring over USD 5 billion in net par outstanding.